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Treat yourself to a whole Barra Bronze- the most beautiful tasting bird around.  Delicious golden crispy skin, meat that is seeping with juices that makes that delightfully rich gravy.


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Treat yourself to a whole Barra Bronze – the most beautiful tasting bird around.  Delicious golden crispy skin, meat that is seeping with juices that makes that delightfully rich gravy.  Collect from our farm gate.

Each turkey is trussed, wrapped in greaseproof paper and comes with a sprig of herbs, cooking instructions and a pop-up thermometer.  Each box is double insulated and contains a cooling pack to ensure your Premium Barra Bronze Turkey remains fresh for the big day!


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43 reviews for Free Range Turkey – Farmgate Collection

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    Meldrum House Hotel

    As always the turkey was full of flavour and beautifully presented.

    Walter, Head Chef.

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    Formartines Restaurant

    Barra Bronzes are simply the best you will ever have.

    John Cooper, Head Chef and Partner.

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    Gadies Restaurant

    We just wanted to thank you for your turkeys this year, several of our staff had them for their Christmas lunches and they were undoubtedly the best Christmas turkey any of us had had yet!

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    Aberdeen Cyrenians would like to take this opportunity to thank Barra Bronzes for their very generous donation of free-range turkeys. David from Sodexo did them justice in the oven and we had fantastic feedback from our volunteers at their Thank You Christmas dinner.

    Louise Nind.

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    Alison King

    Have been meaning to send you an email since Christmas just to say that our turkey was the best. We followed the instructions, we let it rest for over an hour and everyone thought it was the tastiest turkey they’d had. Please put us down for another one for this year!

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    Carol Marr

    We were delighted again with our 9.2kg turkey, absolutely delicious. The info sheet you provide is spot on and will be booking again next year, cheers.

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    Iona Ellington

    We really enjoyed our turkey from you. It was my first Christmas hosting and cooking myself, it was such a relief to have such a high quality bird that really needed no attention. – even the gravy was dead easy – the juices were super flavourful. Best gravy I have ever made/had!! – the skin was also like no other, Only can compare to the best duck skin I have ever had with the perfect layer of crispness and fatty underneath. My family who had pretty much turned their back on turkeys in favour of hams, lamb legs and beef now want one of yours for easter and thanksgiving and xmas!!

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    Kirstin Gunn

    Everyone round the table was in agreement that it was the best turkey we have ever had. Not only was it juicy (we cooked it as per the cooking instructions) and carved beautifully, it tasted like turkey! The time, effort and care you put into raising these turkeys clearly shows in the final product, and we are just disappointed we can only get them for Christmas.

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    Rebecca Richmond

    Our turkey was utterly gorgeous!!! Best we have ever had!!

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    Stephen Buchan

    We followed your instructions and the bird cooked perfectly. It had a lovely depth of flavour, everyone enjoyed it. It fed 20 on the day and we had enough left over for a dinner the next day. This is our second year using your birds and we would definitely be back.

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    Glenn Higgs

    Just a quick note to say that your Barra Bronze turkey was fantastic! It was rich in taste, tender and the best turkey they’ve ever tasted, according to our guests.

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    Foodie Quine

    My whole family agreed that it was the best we’d ever eaten. So succulent and flavourful and so much meat in places I’ve never seen meat on a bird before. Absolute 5* Quality and super quick and easy to cook.

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    Patricia Emslie (verified owner)

    This has been the fourth year we have had Barra turkey and we have never been disappointed. We will be ordering again for next year.

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    Claire Cormack (verified owner)

    We have one of our Christmas Dinners early and although maybe a struggle to get the huge bird in oven 🙂 it was delicious as usual. Ten out of ten!!

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    Lea (verified owner)

    First year we’ve had this turkey and it was absolutely delicious. Succulent and juicy and my guests said it’s the best they’ve ever had. Will be buying again next year.

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    Iain Firth (verified owner)

    Superb, moist turkey, again. Wish we had found you a few years ago

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    Diane Edwards (verified owner)

    Delicious, easy to carve, gravy was so tasty and plenty left over for curry, sandwiches and a turkey pie. We have been buying aour turkey from you for 3 years and we will be back again next year!

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    Heather Gallagher (verified owner)

    Think this is our 4th year purchasing this best tasting free range turkey from a excellent local farmer. Yet again the quality and taste is excellent. Beautifully presented in the box and very clear cooking instructions. Superb.

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    Euan (verified owner)

    Fab Turk loved by all

  20. Avatar

    Clair Williams (verified owner)

    Best turkey we ever had! Will be ordering next year

  21. Avatar


    Fantastic as usual.

  22. Avatar

    Sarah West (verified owner)

    This was our first time having a Barra Bronze. I’ve never really been a huge fan of turkey but today I found myself going for seconds! Getting a Barra Bronze is now definitely going to be a Christmas tradition and can’t rate them highly enough. DELICIOUS
    Roll on next year…..

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    Maeve McDowall (verified owner)

    Loved it! 5 gold stars! This was a real turkey with beautiful taste! And loads left for Boxing Day. We’ve had a Barra Bronze from the start, so was this the fourth or the fifth? No one can quite remember!
    PS: Argument rages once again this year – which end is the tip of the breastbone for the great little thermometer – this one? Or that one? Suggestion: a little diagrammatic on next year’s instruction leaflet?

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    ScotTex (verified owner)

    Great quality and flavour as you have always delivered. This year not only cooked mine as suggested but also brined 4 turkey legs for 24 hours then smoked them in my smoker low and slow for 4 hours. Best smoked turkey legs ever!

  25. Avatar

    Roy Brown (verified owner)

    We have been using Barra Bronze for a while now and have never been disappointed. Absolutely beautiful

  26. Avatar

    Lesley Lawrie

    Absolutely delicious. So gamey and tasty. Whatever you’re doing, don’t change anything

  27. Avatar

    Craig Thomson (verified owner)

    What an excellent turkey so juicy and flavoursome absolutely the best turkey I have ever eaten, I’ll certainly be back for one next year! Truly first class

  28. Avatar

    Hilary Size (verified owner)

    We have used Barra Bronze for a few years , the quality and taste won’t be beaten and we will be back next year.

  29. Avatar

    Paul Moody (verified owner)

    A beautifully presented Turkey complete with cooking instructions and pop up thermometer. Cooked brest side down as instructed for the first part of the cooking. Moist, full of flavour, and enjoyed by everyone. I’ll be back next year. Great to see some one really passionate about the food they produce.

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    Caireen (verified owner)

    This is the third year in a row that we’ve ordered a Barra Bronze turkey. They are always an outstanding bird that beats anything on offer anywhere else, and yet somehow this year’s turkey managed to be even better than ever! The meat was moist with an unbelievable depth of flavour, and the gravy it produced was out of this world! Well done once again!

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    Avril Pintus (verified owner)

    As always an excellent Turkey, succulent, moist and flavoursome, packed in a sturdy box making transportation so easy. Wouldn’t consider any orther turkey. Superb.

  32. Avatar

    Alison Reid (verified owner)

    Another perfect turkey , wouldn’t dream of buying one anywhere else. Great flavour .See you again next year

  33. Avatar

    Isobel Robb (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever-third year I have had one and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else for one. Loved and praised by all the family and very good value

  34. Avatar

    Katherine Williams (verified owner)

    Wonderful turkey and full of flavour .

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    Mia Buehr (verified owner)

    We have been your customers ever since you first appeared at Inverurie farmers market, and for all those years yours have been unquestionably the finest turkeys we have ever eaten. They never disappoint and simply can’t be compared with the usual supermarket offerings. For once, all the superlatives are justified. The thermometer, the instructions and the herbal garnish are also much appreciated

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    Stephen Shaw (verified owner)

    Smoked it in the BGE again this year. Everyone loved it – best turkey ever tasted. Whatever you do when raising these birds – keep doing it and I’ll keep coming back for more.

  37. Avatar

    Diane Smith (verified owner)

    The most flavoursome turkey ever and its local. Think this was our 7th Barra Bronze and is now firmly one of our family’s Christmas must haves. Thank you Craig for such an amazing product and great service.

  38. Avatar

    Marilyn Evans (verified owner)

    First time to buy from Barra Bronzes…normally buy a free range bronze turkey but the flavour of this one was so much better..thanks for making Christmas dinner special..will be ordering again next year…

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    Sarah Ward (verified owner)

    This is the real deal! Succulent breast meat, wonderfully tasty dark meat, and super crispy skin. It’s nicely presented too. The best turkey we’ve ever had and we’ll certainly be back next year. Thank you very much Barra Bronze.

  40. Avatar

    Allan (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey, loads of flavour. Enclosed instructions easy to follow and ensure bird is cooked perfectly.

  41. Avatar

    B. Curtis (verified owner)

    Thank you all at Barra Bronzes for the best turkey we have had. Nearly given up on turkey but now we know where to get a perfect one. Simply delicious, deserves six gold stars! thanks again.

  42. Avatar

    Jennifer (verified owner)

    As always, the turkey was delicious; beautiful flavour and very tender. Clear cooking instructions giving perfect results. So good to know the turkeys have had a good open air life and the freedom to roam.

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    Margaret Graham (verified owner)

    This is the third year we have had a Barra Bronze turkey, and we wouldn’t dream of getting our turkey elsewhere. Succulent and full of flavour – and really easy to cook, with the pop up thermometer and cooking instructions included. I would thoroughly recommend Barra Bronzes to anyone who wants an exceptional Christmas bird.

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