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The impressive Barra Bronze breast comes with the legs removed. Delicious, succulent and full of flavour. These come with giblets too.

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The impressive Barra Bronze breast comes with the legs removed. Delicious, succulent and full of flavour. These come with giblets too. Collect from our farm gate.


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28 reviews for Bronze Turkey Crown – Farmgate

  1. Avatar

    David Harmann

    Your Turkey was superb. I’d normally claim the credit as I usually cook it, but this year, it excelled. We’ll be in line for one next year that’s for sure.

  2. Avatar

    Emma Taylor

    Best turkey dinner ever from Barra Bronzes.

  3. Avatar

    Jack Lavety

    The Turkey was superb – universally agreed it was ‘Best Ever’.

  4. Avatar

    Laura Stewart

    The best turkey we have ever eaten! Amazing quality.

  5. Avatar

    Mandy Annan

    Best turkey we have ever eaten. A job well done.

  6. Avatar

    Tina Anderson

    The Turkey was a huge hit with everyone yesterday so moist and tender – it’s Barra Bronze from now on!

  7. Avatar

    Pat Machray

    Turkey brilliant as last year. Well Done.

  8. Avatar

    mark (verified owner)

    First class. Worth the trip and money! Not pumped full of water like a supermarket turkey!

  9. Avatar

    Ron Wilson (verified owner)

    Have had many turkey dinners over the years ,but the Barra bronzes turkey beats the lot.

  10. Avatar

    Jackie Doyle (verified owner)

    Excellent as always. Can’t wait until next Christmas!

  11. Avatar

    Gordon Booth

    Fantastic really juicy and tasty.

  12. Avatar

    Joy Wilde (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic bird. Went down a dream

  13. Avatar

    Edna stewart (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey, excellent service ould recommend to everyone

  14. Avatar

    Dave Fraser (verified owner)

    As someone who is not really that fond of turkey this was the best turkey dinner I have ever tasted,
    Will be Barra Bronze from now on, wonder if we could have one more than once a year….

  15. Avatar

    Ian Dinaldsin (verified owner)

    Amazing Turkey once again

  16. Avatar

    Lorna Keith (verified owner)

    Third Barra for us and it was exceptional. Easy to cook and delicious, with fantastic meat which we carved and carved – so much meat on that bird! Won’t be complaining about those leftovers at all! Thank you once again.

  17. Avatar

    Lynn (verified owner)

    Turkey 1st class as always
    Lovely – well done barrabronzes

  18. Avatar

    Alister Forder (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever, both taste and very succulent. We would definitely recommend .

  19. Avatar

    Janis Taylor (verified owner)

    Highly recommend Barra Bronze. Will be ordering again next year.

  20. Avatar

    spgnana460 (verified owner)

    Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your turkey crown, beautifully moist & a great flavour. Made turkey/leek pie with the leftovers. Well done Barrabronze

  21. Avatar

    Liz Campbell

    Delicious turkey, very helpful cooking instructions, will be back for one next year!

  22. Avatar

    Jane Cunningham (verified owner)

    Very impressed with service and quality of Turkey. Couldn’t believe when following your cooking instructions how moist and tender the crown was. Thank you

  23. Avatar

    Jenn (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever,

  24. Avatar

    Sam Hanton (verified owner)

    Barra Bronzes are always fantastic turkeys and this year was no exception. Also the easiest to cook – no need for any prep and they still come out moist and tasty.

  25. Avatar

    Elizabeth Martin (verified owner)

    Cooked 2 Barra Bronze turkey crowns for 14 people. Everyone loved them. Will definitely order for next year.

  26. Avatar

    Dave Rogers (verified owner)

    Third year we’ve had a Barra Bronze turkey and will order again for next Christmas – fabulous flavour, the best turkey I’ve ever tasted.

  27. Avatar

    Helen (verified owner)

    Excellent flavour and the instructions for cooking our turkey crown was very clear.. The quality was the same as last year – fantastic!

  28. Avatar

    Eleanor Rowat (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey so moist and tasty and no waste. Will order for Christmas 2019 .

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