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Farming has been in the Michie blood for centuries. Our ancestors can be traced back to living off the land since the 18th Century at the Sluggie Farm, Glenbuchat.

Our great Grandfather, William Michie, decided to move in order to farm more fertile land at Lochend of Barra in 1928. The farm was then passed to our Grandfather, John Alexander Michie, and then to our father David Michie.

Michie Family on Christmas Day

Harvest 1953


My great grandfather harvested oats to feed to his turkeys. He always said “Our home grown oats give our turkeys that beautiful creamy coloured finish".

We are still doing the same today.
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Current Generation

After studying and then working as a town planner in my twenties, I decided that I wanted to return to farming.

In 2009 I left my job as a town planner and went travelling around South America where I met my Colombian wife Maria. We decided to return to Lochend of Barra following my desire to return to the family tradition of farming.

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Farming is our passion

I created Barra Bronzes with my wife Maria. It was created following a desire to produce something extra special. It was born following my passion for farming and desire to continue and progress those traditional methods to produce the very finest turkeys.

I put all my energy and effort into rearing and producing these birds to give you an eating experience which I hope is memorable.

Barra Bronze Promise

The welfare of my turkeys is my greatest consideration and when we say that our turkeys are free range we do really mean it.

A Barra Bronze grows up feeling the wind on its feathers and the sun on its back.

Barra Bronzes Turkey Farmer
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