Bronze Christmas Turkey

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Treat yourself to a whole Barra Bronze turkey this Christmas. The most beautiful tasting turkey around.  Delicious golden crispy skin, meat that is seeping with juices which makes that delightfully rich gravy.

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Each turkey is trussed, wrapped in greaseproof paper and comes with a sprig of herbs, cooking instructions and a pop-up thermometer.  Each box is double insulated and contains a cooling pack to ensure your Premium Barra Bronze Turkey remains fresh for the big day!

Farmgate collection times: 23rd December 7.30am–5.30pm & 24th December 7.30am–1.30pm.
Home delivery option: Delivered fresh to your door on 22nd December.

We advise keeping the turkey in the fridge until it is ready to be cooked on Christmas Day.

Total weight includes giblets.

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534 reviews for Bronze Christmas Turkey

  1. Catherine Fisher (verified owner)

    I have saught to find the best quality turkeys for decades but this year’s s choice was in a different league. So simple to cook and utterly delicious. Not a scrap was wasted. I have made a wonderful stock and buried the bones in the garden before planting a small hawthorn tree on top. I shall certainly be hoping to buy another next Xmas. Happy New year to you and your family and thank you for producing such good food

  2. George Mullen (verified owner)

    Delicious juicy Turkey – easy cooking instructions. ‘pop-up’ thermometer worked in getting the correct cooking time. Delivered in insulated chilled box which kept the turkey fresh until xmas day ( in the car boot outside).

  3. Lyn Hancox (verified owner)

    Our first Barra turkey and I can honestly say it was the most delicious turkey we have ever had. Will be buying my turkey from you from now on.

  4. Michael Storey (verified owner)

    Dear Mr Michie
    This was our first Barra Bronze. We had been let down by our local butcher in Gloucestershire and then found you online. What a find. Best Christmas present we could have had! Your turkey was exceptionally good – juicy, full of flavour and wonderful crisp skin, thanks to your cooking instructions. And delivery from Inverness was perfectly timed. Brilliant operation.
    We can’t imagine going anywhere else for a turkey.
    Kind regards
    Michael Storey

  5. Tina Olivier (verified owner)

    2nd year I have ordered from you. Such a tasty bird. Everyone has said the best tasting Turkey they have had. Well done. Will not go anywhere else. Thankyou.

  6. Jill Quick (verified owner)

    This is our 3rd turkey from Barra Bronzes and they have all been equally delicious. Quick & easy to cook and moist & tasty meat. The fact they live such a natural, free range life is equally important to me. I won’t be buying my turkeys anywhere else

  7. Lindsey Strauss (verified owner)

    Lovely turkey, easy to cook following the time specified, was enjoyed by all the family. Liked the fact that the skin stayed crisp and there was plenty of fat so that the bird didn’t dry out out too much. The scraps were very much enjoyed by my hungry dog!!

  8. Lindsey strauss (verified owner)

    Lovely turkey, very easy to cook, took the required time specified. Was enjoyed by all the family.Liked the fact that the skin stayed crisp and there was enough fat to keep the bird from drying out. Lots of scraps enjoyed by my hungry dog also!!

  9. Mark Conington (verified owner)

    ‘Best ever’ I think is for once a genuinely fitting description. Moist and full of flavour and texture when cooked following the provided instructions. Delivery exactly as described. A reminder of how the special a Christmas meal can be. Congratulations to the Michael family. Worth every penny.

  10. Carol Brodie (verified owner)

    This was our first Barra Bronze turkey and everyone at the Christmas table (gourmets all!) said it was the most tender and delicious they had ever tasted. We are now looking forward to the soup!

  11. Melanie Welinkar (verified owner)

    Our bird was utterly delicious but the whole family were especially impressed by the darker leg meat which can sometimes be overly strong. It was sweet and moist . We were pleasantly surprised to find the meat to carcass ratio higher than similar weight turkeys we bought previously! Thank you . It made our Christmas lunch really special

  12. Louise & Stuart Spence (verified owner)

    Dear Craig & family, Your Barra Bronze Turkey was simply the best we ve ever had! Absolutely delicious with really delicious and rich gravy. We will only be buying turkeys from Barra Bronze Farm in future! Hoping you might also be able to supply one for our Canadian Thanksgiving – that falls on the second Monday in October. Wishing you a wonderful 2022 and thank you again!

  13. Callum Rainy Brown (verified owner)

    Without exception all commented on a great tasting moist turkey, a couple even best ever. This year cooked on our big green egg.

  14. Maggie Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great flavour and lovely soup with the bones, it was a wonderful turkey and would recommend xx

  15. Wayne (verified owner)

    This was without a doubt the most delicious turkey I have ever cooked and eaten – I will always buy Barra Bronzes

  16. George Baley (verified owner)

    Craig again you and your team have knocked it out the park producing as I have said previously the best tasting and easiest to cook turkey either side of the Atlantic! As you mentioned when I picked up the turkey with the different diet you fed the turkeys this year the meat did have a “creaminess” to it! Great job!

    Now off to make a couple Turkey, Ham & Leek flans with the leftovers and fire up the smoker to smoke the turkey legs from this year and a few left over from last year!

  17. Darren Stanford (verified owner)

    1st time customer. The meat was perfect when cooked to the instructions. Everyone agreed that it was the most flavoursome and juicy turkey ever tasted. The perfect centerpiece of our Christams dinner. Will definitely be a returnung customer .

  18. Derek Cartner (verified owner)

    Delighted with the turkey, many commented on how well it cooked and tasted. I followed my own cooking method but was very pleased with outcome.

  19. Christopher Lilly (verified owner)

    Excellent flavour delivered when promised, made family Christmas in 2021 much much better than the sad one we had the year before. Thank you, and unhesitatingly recommended. We’ll be in touch next year at Thanksgiving.

  20. Lionel (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, well worth the price ! The meat is excellent, the gravy is naturally rich and the cooking instructions are easy to follow.

  21. Lorraine (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely! This was my first year having a Barra bronze turkey, and I’ll absolutely be getting it every year now! 10/10 tasty.

  22. Alison (verified owner)

    3rd year ordering from Barra Bronzes. Outstanding turkey every time. The meat is delicious, moist, flavoursome – we will be returning next Christmas.

  23. Gary Loughlin (verified owner)

    The tastiest turkey I’ve ever had! Far superior to anything offered by supermarkets, and well worth the extra cost.

    Would definitely recommend and will buy again.

  24. Carole Hawthorn

    Excellent turkey, very helpful cooking instructions.

  25. Chiara & Luca Pavesi (verified owner)

    First time for us and for sure we will order again! Amazing turkey and gravy, very tasty and full of flavour. Our guests from Italy really enjoyed the Scottish Christmas!

  26. Jane (verified owner)

    First time we have ordered from Barra Bronze and would thoroughly recommend. My only negative comment would be that the recommended cooking time of under two hours for a 4kg bird was way too short.

  27. Sandra (verified owner)

    This was our first time we have ordered a Barra Bronze turkey, but not the last. It was exceptional and worth every penny. We followed the cooking instructions supplied to the letter (admittedly we were a little sceptical – we have always cooked it differenty!) but the meat was so tasty and succulent. We have never enjoyed a turkey this much before. And the gravy was amazing. The ordering process and delivery were first rate (a massive thank you for accomodating our special requests). We will be recommending Barra Bronze turkeys to all our friends – we will not order from anywhere else!

  28. Emma Ledingham (verified owner)

    Our turkey was absolutely delicious, worth every penny! The service received when we collected at the farm gate was brilliant! Will definitely be buying another one next year, thank you!

  29. fraser devlin (verified owner)

    Excellent process, service and most of all a fantastic turkey. You can’t do any better than this

  30. Ann Davidson (verified owner)

    First time ordering from Barra Bronze, best turkey ever, so easy and quick to cook, will definitely be ordering again next year

  31. Franc. Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Thank you very much for the service you provide and the quality of you product

  32. Peter Robertson (verified owner)

    Fantastic turkey, full of flavour and a proper treat for our Christmas lunch. Bird arrived well packed and delivered as agreed. Very good value for money as we made broth with the bones and froze surplus turkey meat for a treat later in the year. Thank you all at Barra Bronze

  33. James Carmichael (verified owner)

    First time ordering a Barra Bronze Turkey but definitely not the last! Best tasting Turkey I have ever had and the easiest to cook. Just follow the instructions and you will get a fantastic flavoured bird. cannot praise high enough

  34. Paul Moody (verified owner)

    Our 4th year with a Barra Bronze turkey. The cooking instructions are easy to follow and produce the best results. No need for stuffing the bird or covering in bacon to keep it moist. The pop up cooking indicator is reliable too and I cross checked with a thermometer. 9kg bird cooked in 3 1/2 hours at 160 °C. Great flavour, succulent and enjoyed by all. Would recommend and will buy again .

  35. BERWYN WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    Our 6.3 kg Barra turkey was excellent, having stored it in the car boot until Christmas Eve I cooked it, not according to Craig, but according to Deliah Smith whose
    recipe I have followed for many years. It was a pity that there was just the two of us to enjoy it.

  36. Paul Cairns (verified owner)

    Outstanding again!
    What a difference cooking and eating a Barra Bronze bird is to any other turkey we’ve tried over the years. No faffing and the taste is sensational!
    We won’t be going anywhere else…ordering our Barra Bronze turkey is now another Christmas tradition!

  37. Deirdre Macdonald (verified owner)

    It is my pleasure to leave a mouth-watering review to entice future first time customers. I have never roasted a turkey upside down, no foil and unstuffed. This advice came from the family-run Barra Bronzes. Good advice! The only tricky moment was turning the bird in its tray of aromatic juices.
    We Macdonalds will be back to collect our next turkey. We had a fine chat when collecting. All round a wholesome, delicious addition to this family’s traditions at Christmas time!

  38. Madeleine (verified owner)

    This is the second time we have purchased a Barra Bronze and they have not let us down.

    Absolutely delicious thank you, succulent and full of flavour. My daughters partner said it was the best he has had…. praise indeed!

    I cooked it with lattice of bacon rashers, red onions, lemon, apple and garlic put half a cup of water in, then roasted in the Aga … the giblets made an excellent gravy base too!!

    Thank you and the team … we hope you had well deserved, restful enjoyable day.

  39. Steve Sherratt (verified owner)

    Had a 7kg Barrabronze Turkey for the 1st time this year and have to say it was by far the best tasting Turkey we’ve ever had . We followed the cooking instructions supplied and it was perfect . Definitely be back next year .

  40. Jeremy Bryant (verified owner)

    First class service, turkey arrived on time and well packaged. It cooked perfectly, was very tender and tasted fantastic. Already looking forward to next years bird!

  41. Ian Barlow (verified owner)

    Great packaging and simple instructions. Its not a cheap bird but it is a great product. We had zero leftover! Best turkey ever.

  42. Donna Maclean (verified owner)

    First time ordering a Barra Bronze turkey. Thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the service. The bird was well packaged and delivered on time, the cooking instructions were simple, clear and accurate and most importantly, the turkey was tasty and succulent.
    Will definitely be ordering again next year. Thank you.

  43. Alison Ritchie (verified owner)

    This is at least the 3rd time we have had a Barra Bronze Turkey. I wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else. Gone are the days when you need to get up in the middle of the night to put the turkey in the oven. I felt sorry for my sister in Wales who whom I had recommended Barra Bronze. She was too late to get one!

  44. Chris Brown (verified owner)

    First time ordering from Barra Bronzes and certainly won’t be the last. Ordering was simple, contacted by the courier 2 days before delivery confirming they were due to pick up, delivered on time, well packaged and nicely chilled. Suggested cooking times were spot on and the taste was superb. Already salivating at the thought of next years bird.

  45. David (verified owner)

    A simply superb turkey. Practically cooks itself: none of the stress that can go with judging the cooking of other birds. Fabulous taste and texture, superb gravy from it too. Ordering and delivery A1. A real no-brainer for the festive offering: the extra few quid more than worth it. Highly recommended.

  46. Colin Robert Worthington (verified owner)

    This year was the first time I have ordered direct from a farm and what a good choice I made it was the best turkey I have ever tasted really moist and completely different from a supermarket the extra cost involved was well worth it I will be defiantly be buying one next year

  47. Trevor kent (verified owner)

    Fantastic Turkey , cooking instructions spot on, best turkey I’ve tasted.

  48. Chris Millard (verified owner)

    First time using Barra Bronzes. Turkey arrived on time and was packaged lovely.
    The cooking instructions were simple and the outcome was amazing. Best turkey I’ve ever had. The meat was succulent and moist.

  49. Adam Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Another brilliant turkey from Barra Bronzes.
    Had to eat a lot more than usual due to no visitors – but we managed!

  50. Faye Fairchild (verified owner)

    1st time ordering a Barra Bronze Turkey . I usually order from another source but was meant to be going out for Xmas dinner so was too late . Found Barra Bronze by chance but what a find . Can honestly say it’s the best Turkey we have ever had so tasty and not dry at all . Followed cooking times to the tee and turned out perfectly. Will definitely be ordering again . Thank you

  51. Maggie (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever. Succulent and moist. Great value for the dollar.

  52. Debbie Quick (verified owner)

    First time buyer from Barrabronze but I will be back again next year. Superb turkey, well packed, delivered on time with accurate cooking instructions which made the whole experience a joy and very memorable. The flavour was exceptional and everyone noticed the difference.

  53. Stuart MacPherson (verified owner)

    100% satisfaction from a local supplier. worth every penny!

  54. Samuel Dickinson (verified owner)

    We went for the 4kg turkey as it was just the two of us. Was also my first time cooking a turkey but everything went to plan. The turkey was very tasty and the instructions provided made cooking stress free. We also had turkey curry, turkey sandwiches and turkey pie – all fantastic.. Also the delivery service was fantastic. Will come back next Christmas!

  55. Kim Shearer (verified owner)

    Ordered a Barra Bronze turkey for the first time. Liked the thermometer so you knew when it was cooked. I did baste mine with butter and maple syrup but nothing else added. Tasted superb, very moist and was declared the best yet by the family. Will definitely buy again.

  56. Vivien Philpot (verified owner)

    Another absolutely fabulous turkey, thank you.

  57. Alies Bartelds (verified owner)

    As all previous years: Delicious Turkey and collection procedure at the farm yard ran very smoothly.

  58. Michael Duncan (verified owner)

    Another year of brilliant Turkeys (3 purchased this year so that we could comply with CoVid guidance). All 3 households loved their Turkey. We had Xmas lunch with ours (twice). We had Turkey Curry, Turkey and Gammon Pie and plenty of Turkey sandwiches. Our 11kg Turkey was awesome!

  59. Aileen Duguid (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic turkey – as always – we have had for several years now and will certainly be getting one next year. Order and collection ran like clockwork!

  60. john g jones (verified owner)

    once again excellent; delivered on time, easy cooking instructions, and the turkey was centrepiece of our Christmas dinner (and Boxing Day !) many thanks

  61. sarah Caldwell (verified owner)

    Amazing turkey! First time at Barra Bronze so easy to cook and tasted fabulous. We’ll be back next year!

  62. Angela (verified owner)

    Honestly the best turkey have eaten. Simple instructions, despite my fears and the dark colour ( yes I forgot the ‘bronze’ bit!) wasn’t at all dry, really delicious. So pleased. Expensive but worth it.

  63. Arthur Paterson (verified owner)

    Our fourth Barra Bronze. Order a bigger one than you think you’ll need. It’s superb hot but even better cold.

  64. David Southern (verified owner)

    Have ordered several premium branded turkeys over the years and Barra Bronzes have my vote! Great flavour and moist breast meat with a rich flavoured leg. Cooked as recommended with perfect results. Thank you.

  65. Donald Bell (verified owner)

    Our second Barra Bronze and as previously excellent. Received on requested date and in exceptional condition.

  66. Andrew Cottee (verified owner)

    Best turkey and best cooking instructions we’ve ever had!

  67. Simon Rose (verified owner)

    First time for both Barras and a premium bird: great service, superb taste. Having read so many blogs on cooking, the bird was done earlier than stated and could have been even sooner. Beautiful

  68. Lorraine Pettitt (verified owner)

    What a fantastic turkey!! It is the first time we have ordered one, but will definitely be ordering every year from now on, and recommending to our friends. From order to delivery we were kept informed. A big thank you

  69. John Tinning (verified owner)

    Our first time in using Barra Bronze and has to be the tastiest Turkey we have had, also very impressed in the way it was packaged. Will certainly be using Barra Bronze again

  70. Ronald Goddard (verified owner)

    Fantastic Turkey as allways ,

    Probably the best turkey you can buy, Full of flavour and huge amount of breast meat. I lift the skin and slide butter over breast and cook in foil tent as Delia method. That way it’s always succulent..

  71. Gordon Gourlay (verified owner)

    An excellent turkey. The meat was moist and tasty on Christmas Day and we used Barra’s recipe for the turkey and vegetable stew for some of the leftovers which was excellent.

  72. Ian Thomason (verified owner)

    Expensive yes, compared with supermarket offerings, but not when the bird arrives in perfect condition ready to be popped in the oven with no fuss and just left till ready. Juicy and full of flavour this was our second turkey from Barra, and will certainly not be our last. Recommended with no reservations whatsoever.

  73. Susan Mitchell (verified owner)

    Fantastic turkey cooked as guided and it was perfect. Will definitely buy again.

  74. Mark Borthwick (verified owner)

    Cooked bird as directed to the letter ( 4.6 kg bird took 2 hrs 20 mins ) , I felt the breast meat was a bit dry compared to last year’s bird but taste was good and gravy excellent.

  75. Richard Cowan (verified owner)

    Turkey had a great flavour and cooked quickly. Cranberry sauce was delicious

  76. Rosemary Hine (verified owner)

    Beautiful bird again. Flesh so flavoursome and the juices made an amazing gravy. Ordered a large bird and have enjoyed some great leftover dishes. We will order again.

  77. Ewan Curle (verified owner)

    Turkey was delicious, never had such good gravy and the carcase made excellent soup

  78. Peter & Janet newbould (verified owner)

    Thank you, absolutely delicious, you get what you pay for and this was worth every penny.

  79. Judith Watt (verified owner)

    As delicious as last year’s! If you have not yet tasted one of these terrific turkeys, you’re really missing out! A special thank you to Tilly at Barra Bronzes for organising a special delivery to my niece who was unable to travel because of COVID in the family. A really great service!

  80. Mags (verified owner)

    We’ve had a Bronze turkey at Christmas for more than a decade but this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we couldn’t collect it from our usual farm so I found Barra Bronze who deliver. The service was fantastic – from ordering (and checking that they deliver to my area) to the delivery and then cooking and eating the most succulent bird. Many thanks for keeping us well-Bronzed for Christmas!

  81. Carol Marr (verified owner)

    Craig delivered again absolutely perfect & can’t heap on enough praise, cheers

  82. David Davies (verified owner)

    Delighted to sing the praises. The bird had a really splendid favour, was moist and succulent and a great joy to eat

  83. Jessica Mackichan (verified owner)

    I think this is the fourth year we have bought a turkey from you and yet again you have failed to disappoint. Excellent turkey, just delicious – will certainly order again for next year.

  84. Ben (verified owner)

    Second year purchasing a Barra Bronze and very happy once again. The turkey was so simple to cook and was absolutely delicious, with lots of tasty turkey dripping too. Might seem a bit expensive but worth every penny for the quality, flavour, ease and service from Barra Bronzes.

  85. Dawn Michie (verified owner)

    Succulent, delicious and by far the best we have ever eaten. Superb experience throughout. Thank you.

  86. E Geddes (verified owner)

    This is our first Christmas with a Barra Bronze. Easy instructions to follow, lovely white meat and made the tastiest gravy and also stock from the bones.

  87. Deborah Henderson (verified owner)

    Amazing as usual. We order a turkey from Barra every year and they never disappoint.

  88. MARTIN VEITCH (verified owner)

    Does exactly what it says on your tin. From ordering to delivery. From customer service help phone calls and emails to your prompt and professional replies. From putting your turkey in the oven to enjoying it over 3 days with 2 more meals in the freezer. Tastiest turkey ever. Delicious! Thank You.

  89. Wendy Skilton (verified owner)

    This is the second year we purchased a Barra Bronze turkey and they are most definitely the best we have ever had so would highly recommend. They are so tasty and succulent.

    The packaging is excellent and the turkey can be kept in the box until ready to go! The instructions are really helpful and gave me a different way of cooking.

    Definitely give a Barra Bronze a go!

  90. Irene Malone (verified owner)

    One of the best turkey deliveries I have ever had, from the details on how to cook and make the best tasting gravy EVER to the packaging and delivery, absolutely awesome, you guys made my Christmas Day meal the best and easiest ever, Thank you.

  91. Ann-Marie Morris (verified owner)

    This was the best turkey we have ever tasted!!! I must admit I was very sceptical about the cooking instructions as they went against everything I had understood previously. However, I decided to cook exactly as instructed, with nothing added other than salt and pepper and WOW – amazing!!! Soft, succulent turkey – first rate! I cannot recommend more highly.

  92. Nicola Smith (verified owner)

    Our first Barra Bronze did not disappoint. Everything about the purchase, delivery, packaging, cooking instructions was spot on. The result – amazing! Just delicious. Thank you.

  93. Dave Lock (verified owner)

    Outstanding turkey – really easy and quick to cook and absolutely delicious!

  94. Kevin Haggart (verified owner)

    After a few years of ordering from a more distant supplier, this was our first Barra Bronze, but we will definitely be back for more! Without doubt the best turkey we have ever had: succulent and completely delicious! Ordering was easy and delivery went perfectly. Congratulations on a wonderful product and exemplary service!

  95. Kirstin Player (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! First turkey I’ve ever cooked so I was so nervous but I followed their simple yet effective instructions and the results were so delicious! Could not recommend these turkeys more. The customer service was excellent too!

  96. Jilly Orr (verified owner)

    3rd year of delicious Barra Bronze turkey for us. Easy to cook, moist and tender, fabulous flavour. We used some of the leftovers in quesadillas and plenty of delicious soup. Even found a use for the insulating layer round the box; this will keep the frost off my car window this winter. Great job Craig and family. Thank you

  97. Dayl Gallacher (verified owner)

    Another Christmas, another Barra Bronze. IMHO the finest turkey available in the UK – a sublime taste & texture.

  98. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Our first Barra Bronze Turkey but not our last. Cooked well and tasted really good. Everyone enjoyed it – even the “don’t really like turkey” one.

  99. David Izen (verified owner)

    Fabulous – cooked for around 3 hours in a big green egg (internal temp to 74deg, 7.6kg bird). Ordering and delivery process was faultless, we will 100% be ordering a Barra Bronze again next year. Thank you!

  100. Andrew Holmes (verified owner)

    First Barra Bronze Turkey, definitely not our last!. The experience has been faultless, the ordering and delivery process was excellent and the Turkey was perfect

  101. Saleena (verified owner)

    Our 1st BarraBronze turkey for our 1st Christmas at home. It was so delicious, tender, melt-in-the-mouth. We followed all the cooking instructions, so easy to do, no preparation needed. Delivery was straightforward too. Definitely will buy again.

  102. Gordon Yeats (verified owner)

    This is my second time I have bought a Barra Bronze Turkey, and once again you guys have delivered a first Class product. Easy to Cook, very tasty and moist. I’m going to quote Arnie again “I’ll be Back”

  103. Barbara Millar (verified owner)

    Second time I have ordered. Excellent product and service. Will be ordering next year.

  104. Liz Richard-Jones (verified owner)

    Usual high standard. So easy to cook. Everyone loved it.

  105. Liz Richard-Jones (verified owner)

    Usual high standard. So easy to cook. Everyone loved it.

  106. jessie hagedorn (verified owner)

    Delicious! Excellent service and would recommend and will use again.

  107. Brian (verified owner)

    My first time buying a Barra Bronze, but I’m definitely coming back. ive never actually enjoyed turkey up until I served this one. Always bland, dry or both. Not so this year. All my guests said the same – the best turkey they had ever tasted.

  108. Thomas Pender (verified owner)

    3rd Barra Turkey. All have been wonderful. They are an annual essential.

  109. Michael Sones (verified owner)

    The most expensive turkey i have every bought but well worth it. It was absolutely delicious and received rave reviews from the whole family. Will be ordering another for next year soon.

  110. Betti Smith (verified owner)

    Highly recommended. The Turkey was amazing. I normally purchase my turkey from another farm but was a bit disappointed with what I received last year. I decided to look for an alternative this year so did some research and came across the Barra Bronzes website, best discovery ever! Hassle free from the delivery to the cooking. The Turkey tastes delicious with minimum effort required.. I will definitely order again.

  111. Wendy Brownlie (verified owner)

    Delicious turkey,tender and juicy and really simple instructions on how to cook to ensure a beautiful golden bird!

  112. Lorna Syme (verified owner)

    Our turkey was wonderful. A delicious feast, all the more because of the good welfare and husbandry too. The collection at the farm gate was also well run and friendly. Thank you.

  113. Fiona (verified owner)

    First turkey from Barra but will not be the last. Best turkey I’ve had in years, tasty and succulent with delicious gravy. Excellent delivery and easy to cook instructions.

  114. Sharon Mercer (verified owner)

    I’ve been getting my deboned and stuffed Xmas free range Turkey from a well known farm in Devon for over 20 years . But felt it was time for a change so this year I decided to be bold and try a new bird . My goodness what an amazing find. My late mother was from Scotland so we named our bird Agnes . Having watched the videos on the website we felt we knew our bird inside out – what we loved most of all was that she had had a longer happier life than most ! Agnes our Turkey was truly delicious , succulent moist and full of flavour . Probably the best Turkey we’ve ever eaten . Simple instructions so easy to follow . . We will be looking forward to ordering Aunty Mary for Xmas 2021 thank you . ( no I’m not on the Gin! )

  115. Zoe Batesmith (verified owner)

    Delicious moist turkey, very easy to cook as per the instructions. I placed celery, fresh bouquet garni and a halved orange in the cavity, and cooked stuffing separately. It was exceptionally good and the gravy was fantastic. I needn’t have worried about delivery from Aberdeenshire to Manchester, the packaging was excellent, with ice packs. I will definitely order again!

  116. Janine Carmichael (verified owner)

    First time buying a Barra bronze and it was the most fuss free turkey I’ve ever cooked. Was dubious about the cooking instructions but I followed them – it turned out delicious producing a really rich gravy with great depth of flavour without adding anything! Would definitely recommend them.

  117. Sheila Gammie (verified owner)

    Once again a delicious turkey from Barra Bronze. Cooking instructions and Pop up thermometer ensures perfect roasting, resulting in delicious moist turkey meat. Will be back for more next year! Well done Craig and Marie.

  118. Derek Bray (verified owner)

    First time We have bought a Barra bronze. Wont be the last. Brilliant juicy turkey cooked exactly as video except swapped the onion for an orange.

  119. David Hughes (verified owner)

    A really exceptional turkey; fast cooking, lovely flavour, and gorgeous natural gravy. Nice also to know about the exceptional husbandry and welfare standards which go into nurturing the bird. Great credit to Craig and family. Barra Bronze will be our “go to” turkey in future.

  120. Allan Malcolm (verified owner)

    This is the second time we have bought a Barr’s Bronze turkey.
    We upgraded to the 10+ and were not disappointed the bird once cooked was very succulent and tasty, I would certainly recommend them. Very good quality, just exactly as they say.

  121. Kelvin Poulter (verified owner)

    Normally my daughter and her family would be with us at Christmas to share your excellent Turkey. Of course she wasn’t able to this year so decided to buy her own. I think that says it all quality product never been let down in many years.

  122. Simon Brown (verified owner)

    We had our turkey delivered, it was well packaged and turned up on the specified date. The cooking instructions were clear and easy to follow and the meat tasted fantastic. The gravy was superb too. I will buy again and would recommend a barra bronze to anyone. Top marks

  123. Terry Ritchie (verified owner)

    The past few years we have always gone to Barra Bronze for our turkey, with first class service and quality produce.

  124. Pam Heinemeier (verified owner)

    Another delicious Christmas Dinner thanks to our Barra Bronze Turkey. My husband only ever has turkey at Christmas and this is,by far, his favourite! Four years now and every one as good as the last! Honestly, you make me look great in the kitchen! Cheers!

  125. Wendy (verified owner)

    Devine. Even the white meat had a distinct depth of flavour, and was moist and delicious. We are return customers and will be again next year – worth every penny.

  126. Johanna (verified owner)

    delicious and plenty of succulent leftovers for a casserole, a curry and soup.

  127. Donald Grant (verified owner)

    Last year’s Barra Bronze Turkey was superb. This Christmas’s one was even better. We’ll be back next year without a doubt. Also the collection arrangements were fast and friendly. Well done to you all and thanks again.

  128. Christine Grant (verified owner)

    Last year’s Barra Bronze Turkey was superb. This Christmas’s one was even better. We’ll be back next year without a doubt. Also the collection arrangements were fast and friendly. Well done to you all and thanks again.

  129. Christiana Reid (verified owner)

    Since 2013, we’ve had a big turkey every year for a large family gathering to celebrate American Thanksgiving. Every year the beautiful turkey tastes exceptional. Cooking is simple. Leftovers are the best. Thank you!!

  130. Eileen (verified owner)

    This was the first year that we have ordered a Barra Bronze turkey. The delivery to our son and daughter- in-law (in Tier 4) was reliable and timely. It was their first experience of cooking a turkey but the instructions were simple and easy to follow. We are told that the turkey was absolutely delicious! It was a shame we couldn’t share it with them, as planned, but we’ll definitely be ordering another Barra Bronze next year which we hope to be able to enjoy together!

  131. Sarah West (verified owner)

    This is our 3rd year in a row having a Barra Bronze Turkey and honestly wouldn’t get a bird from anywhere else.
    It’s so quick and easy to cook and is absolutely delicious!
    Highly recommend getting one to make your Christmas complete.

  132. Sue and Mike Warrington (verified owner)

    Perfect. We followed your recipe exactly – clear and precise. The flavour of both the white and the dark meat was wonderful. We had a 4kilo turkey for two of us! So much meat that we will get 6-8 meals out of it.. you made Christmas dinner memorable for us.. thankyou so much..

  133. Jill Quick (verified owner)

    This is the second year we’ve had a Barra Bronze turkey and we will definitely be ordering from you again next year. The turkey is so quick and easy to cook and comes out moist and tasty. Customer service is excellent and I love the fact that the turkeys have lived a truly happy, free range life.

  134. Frances Tennant (verified owner)

    Simply delicious and I shall order the Bronze Turkey from you next year. I appreciated having your detailed instructions as to cooking our bird and I followed it almost entirely but I covered the turkey with bacon and soft butter .Delivery was faultless.

  135. Sandra Bush (verified owner)

    Turkey was lovely and still moist 2 days later. Will definetly buy again next year.

  136. David (verified owner)

    Our second year, and expect we’ll want to come back. So straight-forward to prepare and cook. And the turkey meat was deliciously moist and flavoursome. Only suggestion: it would be super if you can provide advice on “use by” date becomes freezing becomes necessary.

  137. Sandra mckerral (verified owner)

    Another year of your turkey … beautiful tasting moist meat … cooking instructions are perfect …. thank you Barra bronze

  138. Kevin cruickshank (verified owner)

    Best succulent turkey ever, from collection to carving was easy with cooking instruction guide included.
    Expect my order for next Christmas.

  139. Scott (verified owner)

    This was last chance saloon for Turkey after several years of poor quality. Barra Bronze saved the day, first time purchase but not the last. Excellent.

  140. Jamie Hutcheon (verified owner)

    Another year, another fantastic Turkey, Thanks Craig and team! So easy to cook with great instructions. Turkey with lots of flavour and complimented by all.

  141. Nadia (verified owner)

    Our third turkey from Barra and the quality is as good as ever. A delicious bird, easy to cook and loads of tasty meat. Great service, website and delivery.

  142. Uta Tweedie (verified owner)

    6.8 kilos of deliciousness. As others said, it was my first turkey from Barra Bronze, it will not be my last.

  143. Donald Gunn (verified owner)

    My first turkey from Barra and it will not be the last, turkey was moist and very flavoursome, the family agreed it was the best we had ever had, Thanks

  144. Matt Risebrow (verified owner)

    The family all agreed it was the best Turkey we’ve had in years. Great flavour and beautifully juicy, even on Boxing Day!

  145. Claire (verified owner)

    1st time I have ordered from Barra. Followed the instructions to a tee and turkey turned out lovely – we will be ordering again.

  146. Dorothy Lister (verified owner)

    Was really impressed with the shipping and it was well worth it, what an excellent turkey , loads of flavour and would definitely recommend . It’s the first time we have ordered from your farm and we’re really impressed.

  147. Maggie Young (verified owner)

    So easy to cook completely oven ready. Moist and lots of flavour. Collection very easy to follow.

  148. Patricia Martin (verified owner)

    Our second year and it won’t be the last. Everything from delivery to cooking instructions to the taste was perfect. A truly delicious turkey which served many more than stated too. We will be freezing leftovers and happily returning to them throughout January!

  149. The Barnard family (verified owner)

    Turkey was really tasty cooked to instructions. Ease of ordering and collection excellent. We deliberately bought larger then required as we are looking forward to Turkey curry and pie in the coming days.

  150. Ashley Matson (verified owner)

    Turkey was incredible, we cooked it exactly as instructed and it was the best tasting one we’ve ever had. Will definitely be back next year.

  151. John Reeves (verified owner)

    Really excellent flavour yet again. Follow the cooking instructions – very short – and enjoy a delicious moist turkey. Truly the best you can buy !

  152. Alan and Iris (verified owner)

    Great turkey. 11.5 kilo fed us beautifuly for two days. Great organisation at pick up. Have been getting Barra Bronze turkeys for years and will carry on doing so. Thank you Ctaig and family.

  153. Alan Williams (verified owner)

    This was our third Barra turkey,needless to say it was as delicious as ever. Without doubt a peerless Christmas treat.

  154. David (verified owner)

    Our second year with Barra and once again we were delighted with the quality of the turkey, which everyone agreed was delicious. Flawless transaction with reliable delivery. See you next year! Thanks

  155. Mike Fawcett (verified owner)

    Excellent bird, formed the centre piece of our Christmas lunch, a real treat enjoyed by all

  156. Juliette Doig (verified owner)

    Delicious turkey full of flavour.
    Everyone enjoyed it.
    Thank you very much!

  157. Susan (verified owner)

    Once again a lovely Barra Bronze, easy to cook & deliciously succulent with great gravy from the juices. See you again next year!

  158. Eileen Lancaster (verified owner)

    This is the second year we have had a turkey from Barra Bronze and it was excellent again, we will for sure be ordering again, very tasty and an excellent service

  159. Peter Harper (verified owner)

    First time customer 2020 Absolutely beautiful delicious turkey. Full of fantastic flavour I will definitely be returning next year for my turkey. Hopefully we’ll be able to have more of the family round to enjoy such a tasty bird!!!

  160. Louise Melvin (verified owner)

    Our fifth Turkey from Barra, never disappointed first class quality, preparation and service. Thanks again.

  161. Chris (verified owner)

    Truly excellent turkey – we are repeat (and very satisfied) customers

  162. Chris (verified owner)

    I think this is the tastiest and moist Turkey I’ve ever cooked. I was a bit sceptical of the cooking instructions as they were so simple compared to the over complicated TV chefs. Followed the instructions to the letter and what a result. I’ll definately be back next year!!

  163. Gillian Low (verified owner)

    Such a delicious turkey! Thanks so much for the main event at our family Christmas dinner – we all thought it was awesome and also delighted it had a good life. 🙂 Just one query – when you’re cooking it on Christmas eve, what’s the best way to keep the skin crispy? Cheers

  164. Elizabeth Chrystall (verified owner)

    This was my first Barra Bronze and it won’t be the last. The process of ordering and collecting the bird was very straightforward and the bird was a beauty. The cooking instructions and cute little thermometer meant it cooked perfectly. It was juicy and delicious and I’m so glad I have lots of leftovers to freeze away for future feasts.

  165. Carol-Ann Manson (verified owner)

    This years turkey was just amazing, as in previous years, so easy to cook just follow the instructions. Would not consider buying a turkey from anywhere else. Thank you Craig for all your hard work, well done.

  166. Fiona webster (verified owner)

    This is our second year having Barra turkey for Christmas and it was absolutely delicious the packaging, instructions was five star and I will certainly be using Barra turkey again next year. Well done to you all for a first class product.

  167. Moira (verified owner)

    Fabulous turkey, which not only tastes amazing but is always moist and full of flavour. We’ve been buying a Barra Bronzes for 4 years now and will carry on doing so. The cooking instructions are clear and concise and always spot on.

  168. Simon Cull (verified owner)

    A fantastic turkey hailing from my birth town…. this was my second year of Barra turkey and it will be the same next year…. Arrived on time and perfectly packed… top
    Class product and service

  169. Ian (verified owner)

    One of the best turkeys my family and I have ever tasted. The turkey arrived on stated date , wrapped in top quality packing. When cooked it tasted delicious. Will definitely recommend Barra Turkeys to my friends.

  170. Liz Bulloch (verified owner)

    Barra bronze Turkey comes all ready to pop into the oven. No foil needed, and no need to make gravy as the juices from the Turkey makes a great gravy!

    It is quick to cook. No-fuss
    The result is a very tasty, Barra Bronze succulent turkey.

  171. Penny (verified owner)

    Our turkey was outstanding, deliciously tasty and moist. The service, delivery, packaging and instructions for
    cooking were 5*. We will be ordering again next year. Thank you.

  172. Christine Boynton (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey which was moist and tasty. We’ve been buying a Barra turkey for several years now and will carry on doing so. We do follow their cooking instructions and they always work well

  173. Mike Ferguson (verified owner)

    The best tasting and most succulent turkey I’ve ever eaten.

  174. Gary (verified owner)

    It was no dought the best turkeys I have tried, expertly packed and arrived one the day they said, and the cranberry sauce was amazing, will definitely get another one.

  175. Neil Hetzel (verified owner)

    Superb turkey
    Will order again

  176. Marie-Louise Dunk (verified owner)

    Dear Craig, Thank you again for our amazing turkey, it was absolutely delicious, cooked to perfect exactly per your instructions, and we will be steadily munching our way through the delicious leftovers for some number of days!! This is the fourth year we have chosen your wonderful birds and long may that tradition continue!

  177. Keir & Louise Bradie (verified owner)

    First time customer and completely satisfied.
    Arrived on time, well packaged and visibly of a very high standard on first inspection.
    After many years of buying turkeys from many different suppliers, this bird was stand out in terms of taste and quality. We will be ordering again next year without question. Great job

  178. Helen (verified owner)

    Rated 5 out of 5
    Helen Norton – December 26, 2020
    Exceptional as always! These really are the tastiest turkeys you could ever eat. Thank you for the brilliant service for our fourth consecutive year. We wouldn’t use anyone else.

  179. Lliwen (verified owner)

    Great service, very tasty Turkey. I would definitely recommend barrabronzes!!!

  180. Fiona Wright (verified owner)

    As always, the absolute best turkey. I woudn’t buy from anyone else. Too much for our limited family due to current restrictions, but there will be much turkey soup and curry in the freezer!

  181. Stirling Johnstone (verified owner)

    First time buyer. Delicious flavoursome turkey. Definitely order again next year.

  182. Alex Macdonald (verified owner)

    Great service and absolutely fantastic turkey. Most delicious one we have had. Will definitely be buying again.

  183. Sheelagh Judge (verified owner)

    Dear Craig and family thank you once again for a wonderful turkey. Exceptional taste and sustainable. This is our second year we have had a turkey from you and we could never consider going elsewhere.

  184. Mrs Jane Renfrew (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey, lovely flavour. Arrived as ordered, and very well packaged. I would certainly buy another.

  185. Susan Curtis (verified owner)

    First timers and will be back next year, best Turkey ever.

  186. Keith Kirtland (verified owner)

    Best turkey yet – this is our third and never disappoints. Now have an oven with temperature probe and cooks to perfection – only 10 mins more than as stated on the pamphlet that comes with the turkey. I would recommend following the instructions and using a meat thermometer in addition to the pop up. Will be back for another!

  187. Barbara (verified owner)

    Turkey was absolutely delicious, cooked it as per the instructions provided and it was juicy and tender. Would definitely buy again, worth the money

  188. Lorraine Brydie (verified owner)

    Wow! What a beautifully succulent turkey. The cooking instructions were spot on. Thank you!

  189. Jane Ross (verified owner)

    Very tasty as always!

  190. Roy G Brown (verified owner)

    Hi Craig
    The turkey was as usual brilliant. Only problem we had was the thermometer never popped even though we went more than an hour over the recommended time.

  191. Nick Child (verified owner)

    Like other couples we ended up with miles more turkey than we bargained for due to Covid – A 6 Kilo bird for two !! -No bother though just miles more for us , should still be celebrating until Spring !
    lovely Bird and gravy well worth the extra – Will definitely order again next year when hopefully we can share with family .

  192. Chris Hyde (verified owner)

    Perfect as always! This is our 3rd year using Barrabronze turkeys, they are just the best you can buy. Thankyou!

  193. Helen Norton

    Exceptional as always! These really are the tastiest turkeys you could ever eat. Thank you for the brilliant service for our fourth consecutive year. We wouldn’t use anyone else.

  194. Andrew Russell (verified owner)

    This was superb, delicious turkey delivered exactly as promised and was everything we hoped for.

  195. Andy Ward (verified owner)

    An unbelievably delicious turkey with crispy skin and the best I think I’ve ever tasted.
    Great service, arrived on time and with good instructions to follow. Overall, a great product and the gravy from the turkey was exceptional.
    I’ll definitely be placing an order for next Christmas.

  196. J & G Tocher (verified owner)

    First time for us. Delivery as promised – very well packaged. Really easy to cook & quick too – loved pop up thermometer. Succulent and delicious, decided it was one of the best turkeys we had tasted. Will definitely be ordering again next year.

  197. Katrine Johnson (verified owner)

    Lovely moist and tasty. Second time with a Barra Bronze and hope to have again. Possibly your most northerly delivered turkey straight to the door in Shetland and still chilled. Thank you so much.

  198. Harry Sherry (verified owner)

    Best turkey we’ve ever had will definitely be buying again next year thank you so much!

  199. Jeanne (verified owner)

    I read about Barra turkeys on the BBC website and thought I would support a local business at this difficult time. I baulked a bit at the price but it was so worth it. It was the best turkey I have tasted and it cooked perfectly. I followed exactly the instructions included with the turkey. The delivery process was straightforward. Highly recommend.

  200. James Leonard (verified owner)

    Second year running for a BB and even better than last year! My therm didn’t pop but no matter. 4.25kg in 2 hours and 4 mins. Rested 1 hour. Fab.

  201. Duncan Stewart (verified owner)

    First class turkey again, beautifully moist and great taste. Highly recommended.

  202. Duncan Barron (verified owner)

    This is our second year with a Barra Bronzes turkey and just like last year it came out perfectly and went down a treat.

  203. Shane parsons

    Wow just wow the whole process from ordering easy the delivery was informed by email and delivered at precise time the bird was boxed so elegantly but the bird wast the best turkey we have ever had. Definitely buying again from barrabronzes next year thanks again

  204. Alison (verified owner)

    As ever an excellent turkey. Will be ordering again next year.

  205. Chloe Geoghegan (verified owner)

    This is the second year we’ve chosen a Barra Bronze and I can’t imagine we’ll ever choose anything else. It’s so exciting when the package is delivered a few days before Christmas, it feels very special. The instructions and pop up thermometer are completely idiot-proof (luckily). The end result is absolutely wonderful, the whole family have been blown away by the taste and texture both years. It’s like no other Turkey we’ve ever eaten. Until next year!

  206. Jerry Lane

    Lovely fresh turkey – order 6kg and 7.5kg arrived on the appointed day. Cooked quickly and beautifully moist with good flavour. looking forward to using up the leftovers now !!

  207. David (verified owner)

    First time buying from you the turkey was fantastic every one loved it will be getting again next year

  208. George (verified owner)

    First I would like to say a big thanks to Craig, his family and the team at Barra for a fairly seamless farm collection setup and best wishes during this holiday period despite the challenges we are all experiencing these days!

    This will be the 7th year we have purchased not only the best tasting turkey we have ever had either side of the Atlantic and in my opinion beats Kelly turkeys hands down! Also this as in previous years we purchased additional turkey legs/thighs – some for smoking and some for Confit Turkey legs.

    This year as in previous years we separated the breasts from the rest of the carcass and brined/marinated it in buttermilk before cooking. Used the rest of the turkey carcass including the legs to make a seriously flavoured stock for my Madeira infused turkey gravy(2 quarts)This year due to COVID and some family having to self isolate we cooked the full Christmas feast, divided it between 4 households in catering aluminium trays and got it all delivered before noon! Did wonder if the 5kg+ turkey was going to be enough but even divided between 4 households there was enough left over to make some turkey, leek and ham(yep even cooked a bourbon honey maple syrup glazes ham) flans over the next 2 days.

    Again, Craig and team, thanks for all you have done to help insure, that for this year and all that has happened, we had a day that approached a feeling of normality!

  209. Adrian Clarke (verified owner)

    First time for one your turkeys, but definitely not the last. Everything was perfect. Right from the order process, to spot on delivery, well packaged and prepared, and the turkey was without any doubt the best we have had. The covid-19 restrictions meant there were fewer of us together on Christmas Day than we planned, so we have loads left over and looking forward to that over the next little while!

  210. Penny Tappin (verified owner)

    Very good turkey. this is the second time we have had a turkey from you and it certainly won’t be the last. Many thanks to you all.

  211. Fiona laidlaw (verified owner)

    Wonderful 7 kg turkey which was delivered on time in excellent condition. Juicy and tasty. Cooked perfectly outside in a Green Egg BBQ! Love your turkeys!

  212. Mark Campbell (verified owner)

    We have cooked turkeys for nearly 40 years, many of them very good indeed. However, this was without question the best we have ever had. Moist – even the breast meat – and rich. Will not be ordering from anywhere else in future!

  213. ken wyatt (verified owner)

    as ever …. a wonderful turkey …. has to be the best available. !

  214. Eileen McShane (verified owner)

    We’ve had Kelly bronze before but this was first time ordering Barra bronze. Delivery to the door was a bonus.

    Turkey was amazing as was gravy. We’ll definitely be ordering again ! Thank you

  215. Damion (verified owner)

    Full of flavour, tender, moist, with beautiful crisp golden skin. Delivered on time and very well packaged. We cooked our 4+Kg bird on the rotisserie of a Big Kamado Joe for 2.5 hours the. rested for an hour. Piping hot with fat melting and meat falling apart, amazing, will be back next year.

  216. Philip Kennedy (verified owner)

    Very happy,cooked as per instructions,the perfect turkey,we’ll be back again next year.

  217. Carmen Orellana (verified owner)

    Couldn’t recommend more! Supremely moist and flavoursome with foolproof delivery and packaging-simply the best turkey yet.

  218. Justine (verified owner)

    Delivery service was excellent. I cooked my Barra Bronze upside down as recommended and then rested it for a couple of hours. This resulted in gorgeous, moist, turkey with an amazing flavour. I will be back for another next Christmas!

  219. Deirdre Beckett (verified owner)

    Fantastic turkey, brilliant service!

  220. Peter Billington (verified owner)

    Excellent succulent Turkey. Delivered on time. We had a great Christmas Day lunch and are looking forward to more exceptional meals from this wonderful tasting Turkey – definitely 5 Stars!

  221. Susan Green (verified owner)

    The most delicious Turkey and gravy I have ever had. The meat wasn’t dry at all and so much flavour. I will definitely be buying Bara Bronzes every year from now on

  222. Margaret Graham (verified owner)

    Fabulous turkey, so juicy and full of flavour. Our 4th year of having a Barra Bronze – now a Christmas tradition! Simply the best turkeys ever.

  223. Louise Coughlan (verified owner)

    Amazing Turkey! Second year of buying and not disappointed!

  224. Sara Robertson (verified owner)

    Your Barra bronze turkey was one of the highlights of this 2020 Christmas thank you. It arrived in a great box with chilled packs and sat happily in the garage till the day itself. The instructions were clear and the little thermometer worked great. It was absolutely delicious, super moist and we got huge amounts of lovely gravy from it. From now on we are a Barrabronze family, thank you so much!

  225. William hazell (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely!!

  226. Roger Norton (verified owner)

    This was our first Barrabronze turkey and it was beautiful. It was deliciously moist and tender and made fantastic gravy. It was easy to order, arrived on our doorstep on time, and the instructions and timings were so easy to follow. The pop up thermometer is ingenious. We will definitely have another Barrabronze turkey.

  227. Jimmy glaister (verified owner)

    Without doubt the best turkey I’ve ever had, easy to cook and beautifully moist thanks so much I will definitely order again

  228. Penny (verified owner)

    Arrived promptly on designated morning, carefully wrapped to keep cold prior to going in fridge. Delicious turkey which made for a fabulous Christmas meal despite these trying times.

  229. Chris Ward (verified owner)

    Our first Barra Bronzes turkey. It really delivered on expectations and came with great cooking instructions. Fabulous thank you!

  230. JOAN BIGGIN (verified owner)

    just like turkey used to taste in the 1950”s lovely. our daughter cooked Christmas dinner carved off their turkey then wrapped it to bring the rest for us. even with the unusual serving procedure it was wonderful. thank you

  231. Louise E (verified owner)

    Beautiful turkey, lean, tasty, moist. Came well packaged, delivered on expected day. Cooked a little quicker than expected.

  232. Kev Rettie (verified owner)

    First time buying a Barra Bronze. It was excellent. Great taste and quality. Lovely customer service. We will buy again!

  233. Jean Hills (verified owner)

    Best Turkey ever!! Succulent and full of flavour. Worth every penny. I’m never having a bland and dry turkey again. Well done Barra Bronze.

  234. Nicky Strachan (verified owner)

    This was my fifth year buying a Barra Bronze and I would never go anywhere else! Absolutely fantastic bird – great flavour, succulent, just delicious! The added bonus is the smell of stock cooking whilst planning leftover turkey curry!

  235. Fiona (verified owner)

    I think this is the best turkey I have ever had, really good taste and not dry at all. Great delivery and well packaged a bonus for Christmas 2020 when avoiding shops is important for those of us with underlying health conditions. Thank you.

  236. Trina (verified owner)

    Delicious Turkey, beautiful slightly pheasanty flavour, beautifully presented and easy collection. Will definitely be ordering next year too! Thank you

  237. Gary Herd (verified owner)

    It came well packaged and it looked and tasted amazing, yes its expensive but its once a year and we are looking forward to many more meals from our order

  238. Richard Donoghue (verified owner)

    A perfect turkey once again. Deliciously moist and with the most wonderful flavour. As I write this I am salivating at the thought of today’s second helping.

  239. Mia Buehr (verified owner)

    As always, the best Christmas bird ever – this must be our 7th or 8th Christmas turkey from Barra. The taste and succulence are amazing and it is also good to know that the birds are raised so well and so naturally

  240. Sandra (verified owner)

    Delicious,moist and full flavour. Can’t wait for our next Barra turkey

  241. Alma Teuten (verified owner)

    Well organised collection in the unfortunate times we find ourselves in. Over 60 years of cooking Turkey I have never cooked one breast down before but will do so from now on. Beautifully moist and superb flavour. Will certainly be back to purchase again. Well done to all of you for all your hard work, raising and preparing a fabulous product.

  242. Peter Ridout (verified owner)

    Exceptional quality and taste once again. Provided a traditional Christmas lunch which was exactly what was needed, this year in particular.
    Twice the size of what I ordered which was daunting but having a whole bird as opposed to a crown enhanced the taste of the final cooked bird and I now have plenty of high quality meat for follow on meals.
    I hope and pray that the twists & turns of what must have been a very difficult trading period this year have not damaged your business and that you will be providing your high quality product next year and in the years to come. Thank you.

  243. Pippa Rodland (verified owner)

    Delicious turkey, great service as usual! Followed the cooking instructions supplied this year- fab too!!

  244. Robert Kelman (verified owner)

    Lovely turkey yet again looked and tasted great and gravy added to taste. Looking forward to try additional turkey legs and burgers in the spring. See you next year.

  245. Dinah Chapman (verified owner)

    Excellent efficient service and a beautiful tasty easily cooked bird. Really nice to buy from a genuine Scottish producer. We will be back next year

  246. Maureen Lord (verified owner)

    Absolutely 5⭐️ , delicious, delivered and all instructions perfect.

  247. S Startin (verified owner)

    Our first year with a Barra Bronze turkey and it was delicious. We will be ordering again next year. Great service too. Thoroughly recommend.

  248. Kim (verified owner)

    Exceptional Turkey –
    All surprised by how remarkably better this year’s turkey was from other turkeys. Thank you

  249. Ian Broughton (verified owner)

    This was the first time we have ordered a Barra Bronze turkey and we were not disappointed. The turkey was exceptional – full of flavour and succulently moist. Produced very ‘gamey’ gravy which was delicious. An exceptional product.

  250. John Tait (verified owner)

    First time Barra Bronzer and won’t be the last. Everyone raved about the turkey. Under 3 hours cooking time as well. Fantastic!

  251. Myra Raine (verified owner)

    Now had two Barra Bronze turkeys. These are lovely birds. Meat is tasty, succulent with loads of meat on them. Excellent product.

  252. Lynne (verified owner)

    This was our first Barra Bronze and we already look forward to another one next year. We cooked it upside down as instructed and it was so moist, unbelievable! Incredibly tasty and simply the best turkey we have ever eaten. We live on Skye and love to support another local family business, these birds must have a great time on Barra, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Good luck to you and your family, you made our Christmas very special. Best wishes from Lynne & Stevie

  253. Luke Hilder (verified owner)

    Fantastic company, good communication throughout the order process and the team where able to cater for my needs.

    Beautiful tasting bird that really required little effort to get something that tasted really special.

    Well packaged and delivery was on time and easily tracked.

  254. A Smith (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing!! Best turkey ever!! The delivery was on time and the quality of the turkey is the best I’ve ever seen! Next Christmas, we will be ordering again! Thank you so much for the great service and making our Xmas dinner super special!

  255. Martiena van der Meer (verified owner)

    Lovely moist turkey with great flavour. It made a delicious gravy too. Great to have it delivered straight to my door, no hassle! Will order again next year!

  256. Julie Davis (verified owner)

    Once again Barrabronze has done us proud. Superb, delicious turkey delivered on time. Quite simply the best! Cooking instructions perfect.

  257. Justin Sena (verified owner)

    Best Turkey Ever.

  258. Yvonne Moulds (verified owner)

    Superb, thanks so much Craig and family for making our Christmas. In 23y together we’ve never had turkey for Christmas as my partner had been put off by dry, tasteless experiences in childhood. This year I was keen to have a traditional, nostalgic meal and having loved everything I read on your website decided to order from you and was so glad I did. Hassle free on time delivery despite everything going on, fit in a standard fridge and very easy to cook, slightly modified suggestions as cooking in the Aga – beautiful moist meat, lovely crispy skin. Seconds for both of us, small portions for the cat and 2 border collies and loads left for stir fry, stew, sandwiches etc in coming days. Liver went into awesome stuffing and giblets made beautiful gravy! Thanks again, would love to share our photos if you let us know the email.

  259. Alison Ustun (verified owner)

    This is the second year we’ve ordered a Barra turkey. The instructions are extremely easy to follow. Perfect results – a super juicy and delicious turkey.

  260. Caleb (verified owner)

    Amazing turkey came out extremely moist!

  261. Daniel (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful Turkey. The value for money and taste was exceptional. Made a difficult Christmas that much richer.
    Thank you
    Dan and the (smaller) family

  262. Inara Fishwick (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous Turkey, voted the best we’ve ever had. Cooked slow method overnight in Aga – perfect!

  263. Ann (verified owner)

    Best Turkey my family had ever tasted in 2019, and excelled again this year, moist and delicious and make the best gravy. Easy to cook too

  264. Ruth Nisbet (verified owner)

    Delicious turkey – very flavoursome and moist and very easy to cook. Good to know it had a nice life!

  265. Robert cleave (verified owner)

    Amazing turkey, every quest happy with taste, it was perfectly delicious, succulent and moist, will be buying next your without a doubt, thank you so much for a perfect Christmas dinner!

  266. Eoin (verified owner)

    Fantabulous turkey very easy to cook and super tasty

  267. James Chesher (verified owner)

    Superb turkey – best I’ve had (and have had Kelly Bronzes for the last [n] years). Really easy, moist, nicely presented. Managed to cook it the right length of time too – took out at 60degC and it was delicious. Was nice to think I was buying local too.

  268. Patricia Scott (verified owner)

    Best turkey I have cooked in 50 years! Lovely and moist – when can I order for 2021

  269. Mike Nurse (verified owner)

    Our fourth year with Barra bronze. The best and juiciest turkey ever. Even the colour is fabulous. The whole family is sold on the taste and very high proportion of meat to bone. Thank you

  270. Ash (verified owner)

    Really excellent bird. Best turkey I’ve cooked.

  271. Mike Malone (verified owner)

    Excellent. We ended up just two of us due to Covid, so simply cut the bird clean in half. Seemed a pity to freeze even half a fresh turkey but I’m sure it will be excellent also. Maybe we’ll cut the second half into thin fillets, marinade them in soy/coriander and quick cook them in a hot wok. Did that years ago and still remember how well it turned out!

  272. Linda Palmer (verified owner)

    Just the best turkey ever. Our second Barra Bronze and definitely not the last! The cooking instructions are spot on and result in a moist, tasty turkey. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. Thank you Craig and family.

  273. K Cranfield (verified owner)

    Fantastic service – delivered on time and beautifully packaged. Tasted amazing and will definitely be ordering for next year. Thoroughly recommend.

  274. Paul Leeming (verified owner)

    Excellent, will be ordering again next year.

  275. Richard Wood (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey again. This is our third year as a Barra Bronze customer. Not only is the quality of the bird superb, so is the quality of your team. Thank you in what must have been a challenging year for you.

  276. Stephen Carr (verified owner)

    This turkey was a showstopper. Cooked it exactly as recommended, on its back with just salt and pepper and a mere onion in the cavity. Yet it was hands down so much better than all the previous turkeys that i’d tried all the usual tricks on, such as rubbing them down in butter or covering them in bacon. The dark meat in particular was mind blowing, although I felt the white meat was notably tastier as well. The gravy that I made from the veg trivet and wings and neck that was included also went down well with my whole family commenting that it was the best they’d ever tried. I will definitely be a returning customer as I cannot imagine ever going back to buying supermarket turkeys, even the nicer ones.

  277. David Smith (verified owner)

    Lovely moist turkey well worth the money, tons left from breast for Boxing Day. Bones will be frozen and used for New Years soup!

  278. Deborah Hawkins

    One of the best turkeys I’ve ever eaten, I’ve cooked a lot of it white meat and tasted a lot of bronze and black turkeys but honestly have to say these Barra bronzes are outstanding ! Moist and juicy. Cooks so easy and tastes just like a free range bird should. Totally delicious and I will be ordering next year !!! Thank you and merry Christmas

  279. Evelyn (verified owner)

    The best turkey we have ever had – beautifully moist and flavoursome. The collection service was hassle free and went very smoothly, especially considering the current circumstances with the pandemic. Without a doubt will order again.

  280. Maxine Callow (verified owner)

    We would definitely recommend Barra Bronze. This is our third year and we will be back next year. The best turkeys we have had.

  281. Maureen Traquair (verified owner)

    Another excellent turkey and service. Thanks for everything in a challenging year.

  282. Anne Burbidge (verified owner)

    This is our second Christmas for a Barra Bronze and it didn’t disappoint. Followed the instructions to the letter and hey presto a succulent bird with crispy skin! Love the little thermometer – takes the stress out of knowing when it’s cooked properly.

  283. Graham Sim (verified owner)

    Returning customer, more than 5 years. Normally buy more than one Turkey to keep in freezer for later in year. Cooked Turkey on a gas barbecue, rotating spit. Bird cooked to perfection skin crisp, meat moist, and delicious, Will be back next year for repeat order. All the best for 2021

  284. Tajana Hepplewhite (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic

  285. Jane McDermott

    4th year of ordering and simply delicious, moist and succulent. I have had to cut it in half though due to reduced celebrations this year, but the upside is we can enjoy the other half next year!

  286. Malcolm Podmore (verified owner)

    Excellent as usual!

  287. David Flett (verified owner)

    Yet another lovely tasting turkey from Barra, loads of left overs for other meals. Will be ordering again next year, thank you.

  288. Helen Beale

    We have had a Barra Bronze Turkey for the last 4 or 5 years and we have never been disappointed. It is a highlight at Christmas and something we all look forward to. We use every but if the bird, even making stock after the meat is finished. Delicious. Thank you so much for your wonderful service and dedication and for being part of our Christmas.

  289. Raymond F Morphew (verified owner)

    Hi Craig just eaten the best Turkey i’v ever tasted cooked it like you said thank you for your honesty , the packing was perfect the ice was still frozen ,loved it will be ordering the same next year put my name down Ray

  290. David Crosley (verified owner)

    Most delicious so far. Superb bird. Thank you all.
    Collection was swift – a queue of about 10 cars when I arrived, but through in no time at all. (Not even time to indulge in a coffee!).

  291. Phil Harris (verified owner)

    This is the second year we’ve had a Barra Bronze Turkey. We can rely on prompt delivery and an excellent succulent turkey with a better flavour than we’ve experienced previously. Thoroughly recommended.

  292. Christiane Taylor (verified owner)

    Fabulous as ever. Have never bought from anywhere else (and never will) since we discovered Barra bronze about 10 years ago via “the store @ Foveran”, we now get direct from the farm. Extremely efficient at farm gate collection. In and out in 10 minutes. Cooking instructions give perfect roast every time. Compliments all round for a perfect Christmas dinner.

  293. Stewart Russell (verified owner)

    Wonderful flavour. Best I’ve had in years

  294. Neil (verified owner)

    First year buying and best turkey we’ve had so far, will definitely be buying again next year.

  295. Emma Adams (verified owner)

    The turkeys from here are consistently beautiful. Just finished my Christmas dinner and the turkey was amazing. The ordering and delivery are always so easy and without any stress what so ever. I am definitely getting more from here again next year. Five star service

  296. Ian (verified owner)

    2nd Year of ordering your turkeys and again I feel guilty of accepting the praise of such a fantastic tasting and moist turkey as all I do is pop it in the oven and take it it out when the timer pops up it is that simple Thank you Craig and a happy Christmas to you and you family

  297. Kevin Ward (verified owner)

    Please let me know as soon as I can order next years, I’ve had some very very good turkeys over the last view years but this beats the lot, full of flavour, juicy and so tender, wish I could give it more then 5 out of 5!!!!

  298. Helen (verified owner)

    Fantastic turkey. Arrived in perfect condition. Flavour wonderful and juices make tasty gravy. Second Barra bronze we have had and would recommend to all.

  299. Andrew Dodd (verified owner)

    Third year, and just as good as ever! We follow the cooking instructions to the letter and are rewarded with a succulent, moist bird. Absolutely no need for all the faffing about with brine, bacon and foil as recommended by some celebrity chefs!!
    As a retired livestock farmer, it is great to be able to support other Scottish farmers producing outstanding produce.

  300. Lesley Lawrie (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious yet again. Well done for producing such a wonderful tasting turkey.

  301. Joan (verified owner)

    Best turkey we’ve ever had. Merry Christmas!

  302. Cate le maitre (verified owner)

    Lovely flavoursome bird

  303. Janice McEwan (verified owner)

    2 year getting my turkey from barrabronzes and will definitely be back next year!
    Really easy to follow cooking instructions, and the end result is a tender, tasty and NOT DRY turkey. Well done guys

  304. T Dorsett (verified owner)

    2nd year for us but we will not be looking elsewhere for our turkey ever again. Superb, moist, delicious and unsurpassed. Thank you so much for all your hard work this year and all the best for 2021

  305. Craig Bernard (verified owner)

    Stunning bird as ever. Will never go anywhere else for our Christmas turkey and you can be sure every part of this magnificent beast will get used.

  306. Jeremy Davis (verified owner)

    We have bought Bronze Turkeys for about 20 years from many sources and the last 4-5 years we have been disappointed. We found Barra Bronze online and decided to give the Bronze one last chance to impress and it most certainly did that. Turkey arrived, as promised packaged well and on opening looked perfect. We cooked it exactly as instructed, the Turkey was the tastiest, juiciest turkey we have ever had and the only turkey we will buy in the future, worth every penny. Thank you for all you hard work.

  307. David Chatwin (verified owner)

    Well worth the money. Covered 2 Christmas dinners a few days of cold cuts and then finally a lovely curry – all tasted great and the quality and taste of meat was the best I’ve ever had.

  308. Judith Watt (verified owner)

    Just fabulous! We ordered a 9+kg bird and it was as tender and tasty as could be. And we’ve just finished eating the turkey curry made from leftovers and it was delicious too!

  309. Viorica Swift (verified owner)

    Turkey was full of flavour and juicy. Cooked it upside down to start with covered in streaky bacon. Last half hour turned it right way to have a nice crispy skin on top. Will be ordering again for 2020.

  310. Alison Ritchie (verified owner)

    Best turkey you can buy. This has to be our third or maybe fourth and wouldn’t even consider going elsewhere. Such easy instructions and no getting up at a ridiculous time in the morning to put it in the oven!

  311. Catherine Hirst (verified owner)

    Second year with a Barra Bronze and we were not disappointed. I broke with years of family tradition, choosing not to stuff and cover with bacon but followed the cooking instructions provided and the bird was cooked to perfection.

  312. Hollie Hay (verified owner)

    We’ve ordered and collected our turkey from the farm for 3 years in a row, and will be doing so again next year! The turkeys need very little prep, cook quickly and taste superb! The whole family enjoyed it. With my gran stating it was the best turkey she’s had in years!

  313. Alan Purdie (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious. Again. Look forward to next year already.

  314. Andy, Oxford. (verified owner)

    In 2017 we had a Kelly’s, 2018 an M&S and 2019 our first Barra Bronze…….2020, 21, 22……will all be Barras thats for sure! Thank you for producing a fabulous product for us to enjoy. HNY!

  315. Diane Hill (verified owner)

    First time we’ve ordered one of these turkeys. Delivery to Devon, excellent, Turkey was beautifully prepared – popped into oven, as instructed, no foil etc ad it cooked beautifully in just over 3 hours (9+kg). The turkey has been a joy to eat – finally finished it off with some soup from the bones – today 5 Jan. Will definitely buy again: Why? Great flavour, wonderfully moist, so easy to cook and delivered to the door. Thanks for the trouble you take – it is certainly worth it.

  316. Angela Ryalls (verified owner)

    First year with Barra Bronze and it will not be the last! Six discerning adults all agreed that it was succulent and with a very good flavour. Cooking instructions were excellent, although the leaflet differed in cooking times to the website. Wonderful recipe for Mediterranean turkey ragu using the left overs. Thank you for our “happy turkey” Christmas!

  317. Fiona webster (verified owner)

    This was our first year getting our turkey from Barra and we were not disappointed. Turkey was moist had great flavour, bone to meat ratio was tremendous and skin tasty and crisp. Only drawback was turkey arrived 3 days early but luckily someone was home. it would have been helpful if we would have been notified ahead of delivery and instructions that turkey could be left in the insulation box until christmas day. Apart from the initial hitch we will definitely be back for our turkey from Barra again next year. thank you.

  318. Marc Walden (verified owner)

    Got a 5kg bird. Beautiful flavour. Someone else said this but don’t stray from the cooking times as these birds cook quickly. 2hr 20 for a 5kg bird. Will definitely be buying from Barra Bronzes again

  319. Peter Stephen (verified owner)

    We’ve ordered these turkeys for several years now. They are fantastic, great flavour, lovely brown meat and gravy. Do not be tempted to stray from the recommended cooking times. & process Nothing goes to waste and everyone asks us where we got it when they taste it.

  320. Freddy Pullar (verified owner)

    This was our first year getting our turkey from Barra Bronze. What a delicious bird that was undoubtedly the best turkey we have had, the meat was succulent, tender and a very good flavour. The service and delivery were impeccable. We will definitely be getting our Turkey from here again. Thank you!

  321. ISABELLE GRANGER-COHET (verified owner)

    craig and his turkeys have definitely won yet another customer. Although I had no doubt it would be good, our whole family agreed it was the juiciest, tastiest turkey we’d had…ever! No mean feast in a foodie family. I was a little nervous following Craig’s cooking instructions but it worked beautifully, with the least fuss ever! We already look forward to our next Barra Bronze turkey for Xmas 2020! Thanks Craig and family, Happy New Year.

  322. James Fisher (verified owner)

    Our turkey arrived perfectly on time and did the family table proud this Christmas. Many thanks to the Barra Bronze team!

  323. Rona (verified owner)

    Beautiful turkey, pick up was quick and friendly and the reviews were brilliant from the family on the day! Thanks everyone!

  324. Sam (verified owner)

    Turkey was delicious! The pop up thermometer and cooking instructions made life easy on Christmas day.
    Definitely be back next year, thanks all at Barra Bronzes!

  325. Maurelle west (verified owner)

    Highly recommended! Yet another outstanding turkey from Barr’s bronze. You really Taste the difference with a barra bronze. It came clean and well prepared and their cranberry sauce was delicious too. Will definitely be back again next year.

  326. John Gibson (verified owner)

    Cooked a dream,moist breast, well flavoured dark meat.Arrived two days early created some storage problems.

  327. Liz Penny (verified owner)

    This was the first time we had ordered a turkey from Barra Bronze. We were very impressed with the delivery and the delicious turkey itself. Cooking instructions were also very accurate. Would highly recommend.

  328. Fiona Wright (verified owner)

    The best turkey ever. Just as good as the last one I bought from Craig at Barra and I really appreciate the cooking instructions.

  329. kenneth wyatt (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever.

  330. Alison Duff (verified owner)

    This was the first time we have purchased a Bara Bronze and it won’t be our last. This was the most succulent bird we have ever had. The whole family (11 of us) even the skeptics who usually don’t really like turkey enjoyed it.

  331. Fiona Laidlaw (verified owner)

    First time with a 6.3kg Barra Bronze and it was absolutely gorgeous. We cooked it (as usual) in the Weber BBQ and it was beautiful. It was full of flavour and really juicy. Delivered on the day promised in great condition too. We’ll definitely pick one next year.

  332. David Simpson (verified owner)

    Beautiful taste. Well worth the price. Will be ordering again next year.
    Nicely packaged and delivery worked as planned.
    Only negative was that it Needed a bit of extra plucking before going in the oven.

  333. Ginnie Cates (verified owner)

    Third year we’ve had a Barra Bronze and we have always been delighted. Cooking it upside down works perfectly. Great flavour.

  334. David Beagle (verified owner)

    Our first time with a Barra turkey, after years of Kelly Bronzes. After the nervous wait (would Xmas have to be cancelled?) it arrived exactly as promised. The bird was very flavoursome, cooked easily and was – I think – even better that a Kelly. Which is praise indeed. I’m now intrigues to find out how one obtains one of the Red turkeys mentioned on the website.
    I am a convert – will order the same next year. And you don’t have to lug the thing back from the butchers!

  335. A Bruce (verified owner)

    Have had a turkey from Barra for 4 years now and it never disappoints. Always beautiful, moist and tasty.

  336. Roy Mitchell (verified owner)

    This was our second year of getting our turkey from Barra Bronze and everyone said it was the best turkey they had tasted. We will not be getting our next turkey from anyone else in the coming years.

  337. Jane Langton (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect turkey. Delicious. Will be ordering again next year.

  338. Steven Antczak (verified owner)

    Once again a fantastic turkey from Craig at Barra Bronzes, minimal preparation required, but flavour, juices and tenderness are excellent, this is a must for any Christmas dinner.

  339. Denise (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey, cooking instructions were spot on, well done, will be back.

  340. W Skilton (verified owner)

    Outstanding tasty turkey! Would highly recommend.

  341. Jim Black (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey. Served twenty for Christmas and two further meals. Meat quality first class

  342. Patricia Martin (verified owner)

    Delivered in the day it said it would be – no mean feat to a remote Scottish island! Arrived in perfect condition. Pop up thermometer worked perfectly. Absolutely delicious. We will definitely be ordering one next year

  343. Richard Donoghue (verified owner)

    Quite simply the very best tasting turkey ever. Craig never fails to deliver.

  344. stephen shaw (verified owner)

    Cooked it in the Big Green Egg as usual. And as usual, absolutely delicious. Wouldn’t get a turkey anywhere else.

  345. Mike Killeen (verified owner)

    We used to live in Essex and get Kelly Bronze turkeys fro Christmas, unfortunately problems with delivery meant we couldn’t do that this year – no problems, Barra Bronze are local and every bit as good – we’ll be using Barra bronze going forward.

  346. Janis Stephen (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best turkey we have ever had. Pick up took 2 minutes, very efficient and friendly. Cooking instructions made everything so easy, Will definitely order again and definitely recommend.

  347. Iain Miller (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever. Follow the cooking instructions to the letter and enjoy.

  348. Michael Duncan (verified owner)

    Another Christmas, another couple of Barra Bronze Turkeys. Our guests loved the Turkey almost as much as we do. Very moist birds and full of flavour. I can only hope there’s one available at Easter again as Christmas 2020 seems too far away to wait for another amazing Barra Bronze.

  349. K Nolan (verified owner)

    My first order of a Barra Bronze from you and by far my best turkey ever.
    Full of flavour and juicy. Everyone commented on it. Will order again next year. Thank you so much

  350. Annette (verified owner)

    An outstanding turkey. Beautifully prepared.Wonderful flavour with succulent breast and delicious leg meat and crisp, tasty skin. Carved perfectly. Our first Barra bronze and we will only choose Barra from now on. Definitely the best turkey there is.

  351. d bennett (verified owner)

    Fantastic turkey, glad we found you.

  352. Rosie Howorth (verified owner)

    Our best turkey yet! Was lovely and juicy. We will be back next Christmas for sure! Thank you for helping make our Christmas dinner so yummy.

  353. Arthur Paterson (verified owner)

    25th – Roast turkey
    26th – Vietnamese banh mi
    27th – Turkey soup
    28th – BBQ roast turkey ciabatta on the beach
    29th – Finish the turkey?
    This is the third Barra Bronze we’ve had and we wouldn’t consider getting one from anywhere else.

  354. George Sparrow (verified owner)

    The taste of the turkey was lovely . The carving was easy . The suggested cooking time was correct as was the pop-up thermometer , This led to a very moist flesh . We would highly recommend a Barra Bronze Turkey. We would have liked to have been informed about the change of delivery date .

  355. Philip Harris (verified owner)

    Something special about these turkeys, fabulous.

  356. Christine B (verified owner)

    Beautiful turkey as usual. This is about our 6th year ordering from Barra Bronzes and the reason we re-order each year, is that this is the best turkey we’ve ever had. Very helpful cooking instructions and very juicy, tasty turkey.

  357. Alln (verified owner)

    Our first and not our last barra bronze, the Michie family have gained a customer and M&S have lost one. Came early but not a problem as we were in at the time, well packaged. Came out of the oven cooked to perfection on time and tasting beautiful with gravy to die for, so simple. Nice to have a bird floating around in gorgeous gravy after it’s been cooked rather than a bird floating around in it’s own juices in a plastic bag before it has been cooked.

  358. Jill Quick (verified owner)

    This was the first time I’d ordered a Barra Bronze turkey but it won’t be the last. I cooked it as per the instructions, although I gave it a few minutes extra after the timer popped up as the legs were still a little raw and it came out perfect. The meat was moist and tasty. I always buy premium, high welfare turkeys but this was definitely the best yet. Both the giblet stock and the gravy made with just the juices, stock and beurre manie were delicious as was the cranberry sauce.
    The only reason I am deducting one star is for delivery. The delivery notes I added to the order weren’t passed on to the courier, TNT. I fully expected to be home but said, since no signature was required, to leave it by the back door (we’re off the road) if no one was around. As it was I was in the garden shed and missed the courier by a couple of minutes. He left a card saying I would need to rearrange delivery. This was clearly going to be a major problem since it was 23rd December. I therefore had half an hour of panic thinking I would have no turkey, or a ruined one after Christmas! Fortunately I finally managed to get through to TNT and they just got hold of the driver before he left the area. It was very close to being a complete disaster…

  359. Nigel Jeffery (verified owner)

    This may have been our first Barra Bronze Turkey but it is the first of many to come , an absolutely wonderful Turkey , beautifully presented and by an efficient delivery service, sincere thanks to Craig at Barra Bronze and all the staff

  360. Penny tappin (verified owner)

    Very good turkey, moist and excellent flavour.

  361. Alastair Diack (verified owner)

    Been buying Barra Bronze turkey for the past five or so years and every year they deliver succulent moist superb tasting turkey. So easy to cook. Cannot fault.

  362. Kevin Johnstone (verified owner)

    We have had a Turkey from Barra for the past 4 years and this was the best one yet, We cooked it as per the instructions and it was perfect. Thanks and see you again next year.

  363. Stephen Conkey (verified owner)

    Gorgeous tasting bird, came with easy cooking instructions can’t go wrong!

  364. Sophia Gerard

    This was our first Barra Bronze Turkey and it certainly wont be our last. Made our Christmas meal special – delicious and succulent. Quoted by my husbands grandmother ” the best she has tasted” and this was her 85th Christmas dinner! The Barra Bronze Cranberry Sauce finished it off perfectly!

    Highly recommended!

  365. Caroline Rouault (verified owner)

    Exceeded expectations – our food loving family was very impressed by the juicy, tasty turkey. Thank you!

  366. Deborah Henderson (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey. We cooked it exactly to the instructions provided and it turned out perfectly. The best turkey we’ve had.

  367. Vivien Philpot (verified owner)

    Just fabulous, once again. Gosh your turkeys are so good. Thank you.

  368. James and Lesley Morrison (verified owner)

    Our first Barra Turkey, and certainly won’t be our last! We said we would give it it a try this year, and we definitely have not been disappointed. By far the best bird we have ever eaten. Quick and easy to cook, and so moist and full of flavour. Our turkey was larger than we expected, and the bone to meat ratio has certainly given us huge value for money. We are lucky enough to stay local so collecting was no problem. A wonderful service to round off the whole experience, thankyou and see you again next year!

  369. Moira Fleetham (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious, succulent, moist and super tasty this is our 3 year buying turkeys from you and they have never failed to impress. The family always comment on the turkey and it never fails to get lots of comments as it is removed from the oven. Thank you again and see you in 2020.

  370. Andrew Dodd (verified owner)

    Second year that we have bought a Barra turkey, and expect there to be many more. We follow the simple cooking instructions to the letter, and enjoy the finest turkey ever. Highly recommended!

  371. David Crosley (verified owner)

    Once again a fantastic bird for Christmas. Everybody completely satisfied. Not to mention the ‘left overs’ for Boxing Day, meat for curry & bones for stock for soup.
    Thank you Craig.

  372. Denise Hansford (verified owner)

    A fairly last minute, first time order to be delivered to Lincolnshire so was a little concerned about missing the courier/it not arriving at all! However early on the 23rd the turkey arrived beautifully chilled and presented. We cooked it as per instructions and it was the best turkey ever I think- so flavoursome, moist and tasty. All in all very impressed. You are doing a grand job! A Happy New Year to you.

  373. Joyce Livingston (verified owner)

    Excellent service and a beautiful turkey . The cooking instructions were spot on the thermometer popped up no issues at all . Best greasy turkey I have had so moist and a beautiful taste like no other. Would highly recommend Barra Bronze turkey’s. I will definitely be ordering next years one from them
    Well done

  374. Juliet Sturridge (verified owner)

    The Turkey was perfectly cooked as per the instructions. Really delicious, has been eaten hot, cold and will be a very fine curry in due course.

  375. Chris Hyde (verified owner)

    Again a fantastic turkey! So easy to cook and quick too.
    Have ordered these turkeys for the last 2 years and next year we’ll be back again!

  376. Paula (verified owner)

    Fantastic! The turkey was delicious and moist, cooked perfectly following the guide provided. We will definitely be ordering again next year! Thanks!

  377. Christine McBurney (verified owner)

    This was our first time ordering from Barra Bronzes and certainly won’t be the last. Turkey as I remember it – full of flavour and moist. It was very easy to cook and produced the most perfect gravy. The whole family, including my son, who doesn’t like turkey raved about it! So glad I ordered two roll on Easter. Will definitely be reordering next year. Thank you

  378. Joan Patterson

    My son had a Barra Best Turkey last year which we tasted on Christmas Day and have to say it was absolutely delicious. As we’re from Northern Ireland I enquired if it was possible to get one delivered this year and was delighted that this was no problem! Our turkey arrived on December 23rd as promised , extremely well packaged. We cooked it as instructed and as before it was delicious. It certainly was well worth the effort and we really appreciate the efficiency of Barra Best Turkeys and hope to do the same next year.

  379. Jill Chiswell (verified owner)

    Our first Barra turkey & it did not disappoint! It was delicious & moist. Followed the cooking instructions & our 9:6kg turkey was perfectly cooked in just over 3 hours, freeing up the oven space for other items. Will certainly be back next Christmas.

  380. Callie Firth (verified owner)

    The turkey was lovely. Just think the £13 delivery is quite steep.

  381. Rachel May (verified owner)

    Our first Barra Bronze and it was great – from ordering, to delivery to eating. Thank you!

  382. Carol Marr (verified owner)

    Craig delivers every year excellent quality and information provided for perfect results, cheers

  383. FuiLing (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever. However would be nice if it could have been fully dressed and not a single feather left as it did take us rather a long time to clean the skin!

  384. Jackie Bruce (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever. Tasty and not at all dry – plump bird with plenty of breast meat. Easy to follow instructions with nothing fancy added, just straightforward roasting. Delivered as stated. Not the cheapest of turkeys, especially with delivery costs, but we felt it was worth the money.

  385. Martin lee (verified owner)

    The turkey was amazing. We followed the cooking instructions to the letter even the pop up thermometer popped up 2 minutes before recommended cooking time( I saw it pop up that made my day )the meat was moist and succulent and all agreed the best ever. Christmas Day is a stressful time and the meal is a big part of the day so getting the right turkey relieves some of the stress.

  386. Susan Wardle (verified owner)

    Our first Barra Bronze Turkey, just wish we had discovered them sooner. It was absolutely perfect! the nicest turkey we have ever tasted, full of flavour, tender and moist. You will definitely be getting my order again next Christmas. Thank you so much for your excellent service.

  387. john g jones (verified owner)

    the turkey was the best we’ve ever had. and we followed the cooking suggestions which worked perfectly and meant we could take over 1 hour off our normal cook time and have a perfectly cooked bird. I would recommend Barra Bronzes to anyone looking for top quality. Delivery was dead on. All in all perfect

  388. Richard Woollcombe (verified owner)

    This year’s Barra Bronze turkey was delicious (as usual!) – really moist, tender and tasty! Home delivery was good although getting a delivery window would be helpful.

  389. christine rostron (verified owner)

    Very tasty moist turkey but took longer to cook than advised

  390. Steve Roberts (verified owner)

    Excellent quality bird – moist and very flavoursome- and great cooking instructions which we followed to the letter.

  391. Christiane Taylor (verified owner)

    We have purchased Barra Bronze Turkeys for several years. Initially through The Store at Foveran and now direct from the farm. From start to finish the process is friendly and easy .
    Reared free range on the farm they never fail to produce one of the tastiest, most succulent birds. Easy to cook, delightful to look at and the turkey sandwiches for after are fab. Would highly recommend Barra Bronze Turkeys to anyone .

  392. Stephen (verified owner)

    The best turkey we’ve ever had. This is our second year having a Barra turkey as it was so good last year. This year it was the same. Moist, tasty and great. Lovely people and lovely birds. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  393. Mia Buehr (verified owner)

    As always, an exceptional bird with flavour simply not to be found in most turkeys. The thermometer, branch of rosemary and detailed cooking instructions made cooking straightforward and the results perfect. Also, the knowledge that the birds are raised in accordance with the highest welfare standards adds to our satisfaction. We have bought from Craig for 5-6 years now and would never buy from anyone else.

  394. Ian (verified owner)

    The easiest turkey I have ever cooked and by far the moistest and tastiest ,the skin which normally we do not eat was devoured by everyone present and was delicious. This is a truly fantastic product And I thank Craig and he’s family for producing a turkey of such high quality

  395. Richard Laird (verified owner)

    Great turkey, easy to follow instructions, 100% recommendation.

  396. Louise Coughlan (verified owner)

    Beautiful tasting turkey, juicy, no fuss , instructions were easy to follow and was cooked to perfection, highly recommend, will definitely buy again.

  397. david odonnell (verified owner)

    First time buyer so was a bit sceptical with delivery to Portsmouth (hants) but hey!! Turned up on time in first class packaging and as for the taste well! Blew me away with the moist and tender meat it produced..Happy New Year to you All and Thanks……….

  398. Gill (verified owner)

    Nice turkey but disappointed with delivery. On ordering,, delivery confirmed for 23 December. Surprised then, with no warning or explanation, to have it delivered on the morning of 21 December! At least we were in to receive it, but living in a flat with no outside area and a small fridge, it wasn’t ideal to have it arrive so early and unexpected.

  399. Rosemary Nordstrom (verified owner)

    The turkey itself was moist and delicious (made my way, not according to your recipe), after, that is, I plucked the feathers at the end of the legs and the several feathers left in the skin elsewhere. It was also delivered considerably earlier than I had ordered. I will order again, though, because the turkey was very good overall.

  400. Doreen Barrington (verified owner)

    The turkey was delicious. My son unpacked it and must have thrown the thermometer away with the packaging, but by following the times set out in the booklet accompanying the turkey, it was cooked perfectly.

  401. Ann (verified owner)

    A beautifully succulent Turkey and the juices made amazing gravy, So well presented with full cooking instructions and delivered as promised to the door.
    The most flavoursome turkey I have ever tasted and every one of my guests were blown away by the depth of flavour.

  402. Sandra Angus (verified owner)

    Everyone raved about this turkey – my daughter (who cooked it) said it was the most moist and flavoursome turkey she’d ever had, and although she thought it looked a bit small , it was very dense, with lots of meat. When she took it out of the oven, it looked a picture – all golden brown. My son-in-law, who lives on a farm in England, said it was the best turkey he’s ever had, and although I have had other bronze turkeys in the past, I shall certainly be ordering one from you next year.

  403. Carol Bell (verified owner)

    Our 3rd Barra Bronze and it didn’t disappoint. Excellent delivery service and top class turkey!

  404. Sarah (verified owner)

    Another wonderful Christmas dinner! The turkey was delicious and succulent. Wouldn’t go anywhere else to get one.
    Thank you to Craig and his family.

  405. Jackie Brown (verified owner)

    This is the second year we’ve had Barr’s Bronze. Not sure how we came to find you but we’re very happy we did. Very very nice Turkey extremely pleased again. Thank you!

  406. Julie Davis (verified owner)

    This is the first time we have ordered a Barrabronze turkey but will most certainly not be the last. Best turkey we have ever had and we have tried the lot! Delicious flavour – we loved it! Cooking instructions spot on and the pop up thermometer – genius! Will definitely order again

  407. Fiona MacGregor (verified owner)

    The most delicious, succulent, tender turkey with delicious crispy skin. So flavoursome and made a lot of deeply flavoured gravy. Will absolutely get my turkey from you again next year!!

  408. Pamela (verified owner)

    Best Turkey we’ve had. The juices made very tasty gravy and there was plenty of it. Will definitely order one next year.

  409. W. Neal (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful.. Best Turkey we have ever brought!
    Well presented, packed & delivered on time.
    Ordered a 6kg & was sent a 7.7kg..
    Very happy
    We shall be ordering again.
    Thank you!

  410. Ian Ryles (verified owner)

    Our third year with a Barra Bronze turkey and the 5 star reviews are justified. They have always been full of flavour and succulent (not dry like turkey can often be). I have always cooked them low and slow but will try Craig’s instructions next year for a crispy skin. A great local product with high welfare standards which I am keen to support.

  411. Andrew Fraser (verified owner)

    Really fine turkey and really easy to pick up, will be back if we’re hosting next year!

  412. JP (verified owner)

    Fantastic Turkey – arrived on time to London (important) and the most tender, flavoursome turkey we’ve had. Make a Barra turkey a tradition.

  413. Alastair Davidson (verified owner)

    Beautiful turkey, and perfectly cooked following the included instructions. Would definitely buy again

  414. Peter Fraser

    Most excellent turkey again as we have come to expect. Full marks also to customer service. Our daughter’s dog succeeded in breaking into the box and had scoffed most of the giblets. We managed to phone our daughter shopping in Inverurie and sent her back to the farm in the off chance there might be a possible replacement for making our gravy. A new pack of giblets was provided after hours free of charge.
    Many thanks for an extra special product and extra special service.

  415. RGB (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful turkey again.
    , we had 9 people this year and all thoroughly enjoyed the flavour

  416. Pat Mackay

    Absolutely scrumptious.

  417. Fraser and Katie Smith (verified owner)

    Delighted to be supporting a local business and feel really lucky to have managed to get one of Craig’s turkeys. We used a Waitrose orange and fennel recipe and honestly, this was this was the best turkey we have ever had. Cooked breast down with no issues and flipped back up for cooking nearer the end. The turkey was moist and succulent – will definitely buy again next year. Thanks guys!

  418. David Flett (verified owner)

    Once again a lovely christmas turkey, full of flavour and moist as ever.
    It did need to be cooked a little longer than the recommended time though.

  419. Ian Steenson (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing taste and really juicy. Will definitely order again

  420. Wendy Welsh / Roger Tritton (verified owner)

    Simply the best turkey we have ever had. We followed the video cooking instructions which took me completely out of my comfort zone however I put my trust in Craig and produced a perfect turkey moist and succulent with an amazing flavour.
    Would definitely recommend .
    Thank you . Happy New Year to Craig and family.

  421. Phil And Wendy (verified owner)

    We’ve been buying Barra Bronze turkeys from Craig for many years now. It’s become a bit of a tradition. We wouldn’t go anywhere else yo be honest. Collecting at the farm is a lovely y experience and something we look forward to. This years bird was superb and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Never had turkey tasted so good.

  422. Sally Bannayi (verified owner)

    Delicious moist turkey with easy to follow instructions

  423. Maggie (verified owner)

    Family also asking for a bigger Barra bronze next year so more turkey sandwiches. Beautifully moist and flavourful. Cooking instructions worked a treat even with Aga. Turkey stock for broth was best ever.

  424. Dave (verified owner)

    Simply spectacular yet again !!
    This must be our fourth or fifth year getting a Barra Bronze and we were blown away by the quality and taste yet again. Don’t know what you do to get them so tasty but don’t stop or change!! Beautiful .

  425. Teresa Dorsett (verified owner)

    FABULOUS…in capital letters, never had such a succulent ,moist, flavoursome bird ever.. Will be eating a Barra Bronze every year from now on. Great delivery, expertly chilled and boxed. Many thanks.

  426. Keith (verified owner)

    Much enjoyed.
    It turned up on time and was eaten. Followed your cooking instructions.
    4.7 kg bird easily lasted 5 people two meals.

  427. Craig Bernard (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious as ever. Will be back again next year. Many thanks.

  428. Nikki Gilbert (verified owner)

    Fabulous Turkey. Just had for the first time. Gamey, succulent, full of flavour and extremely tasty. Cooked as per the instructions that came with it. Usually have Copas, but thought we’d try this for a change. We were not disappointed. Will be ordering again next year.
    Thank you.

  429. Helen Onslow (verified owner)

    This is the second year having a Barra Bronze turkey, they are absolutely beautiful and I wouldn’t get my turkey from anywhere else.
    Follow the cooking instructions and using the pop up thermometer the results are outstanding.
    Crispy skin and very moist meat with an amazing flavour.

  430. Becca Bryson (verified owner)

    Beautiful bronze turkey, easy cooking instructions, turkey had loads of flavour and made lush gravy! Will be getting one again next year

  431. Len Neale (verified owner)


    I am a retired farmer and always reared true free range turkeys where the turkeys roamed the fields and had to be rounded up into empty cattle byres in the evening. Since retiring and buying our Christmas’s turkey, Barra Bronze are the only ones to equal or even exceed the quality of our home reared birds! ____Len

  432. Chris Baber (verified owner)

    The best turkey we’ve ever had. Follow the simple cooking instructions for the crispiest skin, succulent meat and fantastic gravy with no fuss.

  433. Stefan Arnaudov (verified owner)

    This surely is the best turkey we have ever had! Even though we have been preparing turkey for Christmas only in the last few years I have always used high welfare meat and mostly local produce. This turkey was above my expectations and from the reviews I can say that I am not the only one. And the cranberry sauce – amazing!! Tip: for even crispier skin put herbed butter (salt, pinch rosemary, pepper and a few dried cranberries) under the skin.

  434. Margaret Graham (verified owner)

    This is the third year we have had a Barra Bronze turkey, and we wouldn’t dream of getting our turkey elsewhere. Succulent and full of flavour – and really easy to cook, with the pop up thermometer and cooking instructions included. I would thoroughly recommend Barra Bronzes to anyone who wants an exceptional Christmas bird.

  435. Lynne (verified owner)

    Second year for us with the Barra bronze- excellent again. Lovely and moist and very tasty the way they should but very seldom do taste!

  436. Robert Ryan (verified owner)

    Let’s get two negative thoughts out of the way. Firstly, roasting ‘breast down’ caused the skin to stick to the bottom of tray and unfortunately, when turned over, left little on the breast itself. Sadly this ruined the presentation of the bird. Secondly we inserted the temperature probe, exactly as described, but it never ‘popped up’. Before we realised the temperature (using a digi pen) had risen to 74 degrees. Thank heavens we checked!!!
    That said …… what a wonderful delicious turkey. Not just in flavour but texture and aroma when roasting/carving. Carving was a pleasure.None of us believed that turkey could be so flavoursome and succulent. Not only when hot but also when cold. I am not very good at describing flavours, the best way I can describe this Barra turkey is that it had a slight game like flavour and a little like pork …………………. only a million times better!!!
    The bottom line is that we will NOT hesitate to have another Barra turkey next year. One sad point is that they are only available once a year. Perhaps that is part of the delight in anticipation of Christmas dinner 2019. Thank you to everyone for your dedication in providing such a splendid environment for the birds and of course such a delicious experience. Joyce and Robert

  437. Vivien Philpot (verified owner)

    Fabulous turkey we all agreed the best ever. Thank you so much.

  438. Jennifer (verified owner)

    As always, the turkey was delicious; beautiful flavour and very tender. Clear cooking instructions giving perfect results. So good to know the turkeys have had a good open air life and the freedom to roam.

  439. B. Curtis (verified owner)

    Thank you all at Barra Bronzes for the best turkey we have had. Nearly given up on turkey but now we know where to get a perfect one. Simply delicious, deserves six gold stars! thanks again.

  440. Barbara (verified owner)

    First time we have had one and after many years of trying different brands this was by far the best . Easy to cook and amazing flavour. The animal welfare element was an important issues for us it was good to see how these birds are cared for. Will purchase again and recommend to friends.

  441. Jen (verified owner)

    Everything a turkey should be. Beautifully tasty, delicious and moist. just like the ones I remember we had growing up on a farm. Delivery & packing perfect and outstanding customer service. Turkey liver Pate was nom nom nom . Will be back next year for another bird.

  442. Allan (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey, loads of flavour. Enclosed instructions easy to follow and ensure bird is cooked perfectly.

  443. Leila Woodington (verified owner)

    Easily the best turkey we’ve ever had and fantastic customer service to boot. We’ll be ordering ours from you again next year – thank you!

  444. Sarah Ward (verified owner)

    This is the real deal! Succulent breast meat, wonderfully tasty dark meat, and super crispy skin. It’s nicely presented too. The best turkey we’ve ever had and we’ll certainly be back next year. Thank you very much Barra Bronze.

  445. Marilyn Evans (verified owner)

    First time to buy from Barra Bronzes…normally buy a free range bronze turkey but the flavour of this one was so much better..thanks for making Christmas dinner special..will be ordering again next year…

  446. Diane Smith (verified owner)

    The most flavoursome turkey ever and its local. Think this was our 7th Barra Bronze and is now firmly one of our family’s Christmas must haves. Thank you Craig for such an amazing product and great service.

  447. April Bassett (verified owner)

    Delicious! Will definitely be back for another turkey from you next year. Delivery and packaging was perfect too. Thank you.

  448. Stephen Shaw (verified owner)

    Smoked it in the BGE again this year. Everyone loved it – best turkey ever tasted. Whatever you do when raising these birds – keep doing it and I’ll keep coming back for more.

  449. Mia Buehr (verified owner)

    We have been your customers ever since you first appeared at Inverurie farmers market, and for all those years yours have been unquestionably the finest turkeys we have ever eaten. They never disappoint and simply can’t be compared with the usual supermarket offerings. For once, all the superlatives are justified. The thermometer, the instructions and the herbal garnish are also much appreciated

  450. John Webster (verified owner)

    Accurate delivery & packaging. Very well presented bird with beautiful skin and lovely white fat. Cooked perfectly and was moist and delicious. I’m VERY fussy about poultry, but this was excellent. Best ever….

  451. Jilly Orr (verified owner)

    Totally delicious!! Tender and moist, carved like a dream. Ordered online and delivered as promised. Cooked as per your instructions. Worked a treat.
    Divine in sandwiches yesterday, sublime soup today. Just perfect. Thank you Craig. Top job!

  452. Katherine Williams (verified owner)

    Wonderful turkey and full of flavour .

  453. Isobel Robb (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever-third year I have had one and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else for one. Loved and praised by all the family and very good value

  454. Elizabeth Goodbrand (verified owner)

    Barra Bronze turkey was the best turkey we have had in a long time. It was delicious. It was so tender and succulent. We will certainly be ordering one again.

  455. Alison Reid (verified owner)

    Another perfect turkey , wouldn’t dream of buying one anywhere else. Great flavour .See you again next year

  456. Andrew Dodd (verified owner)

    Simply the best and tastiest turkey we have ever purchased, and we shall be back next year! We departed from out usual cooking method with a little reluctance, and followed Craig’s advice. The result was a beautifully moist turkey.

  457. Christine Boynton (verified owner)

    Been buying our Xmas turkey from Barra for several years now because we’ve never had a better turkey from anywhere else. Always tender and juicy and 100% reliable. I also commend Barra’s cooking instructions – always produces a perfect result.

  458. k.kips (verified owner)

    By Far one of the best Turkeys Ive (EVER) bought! delivery was simple and easy ( No need for me to panic- tee,hee.) The Turkey was Super Delicious…and im not big on Turkey, I mainly just buy it for triditional purposes, but buying the Barra Bronze has changed me, Ill be excited to order again next year…Thank you for making our Xmas day super Tasty!

  459. Deirdre Shawe (verified owner)

    Thankyou so much for a brilliant service. The turkey arrived on time and was well packaged, It cooked well and was the best turkey we have had for a long time. I would certainly recommend you to others. Well done.

  460. Avril Pintus (verified owner)

    As always an excellent Turkey, succulent, moist and flavoursome, packed in a sturdy box making transportation so easy. Wouldn’t consider any orther turkey. Superb.

  461. Mandy Venters (verified owner)

    Wonderful turkey, great flavour, crisp skin but moist, flavourful meat. Fantastic gravy made exactly as per instructions. Definitely one to recommend! Packaging and delivery spot on too ….

  462. John Owens

    Superb! Simple preparation and cooking instructions resulted in a moist, tender and extremely tasty turkey. Congratulations on a great product.

  463. Mark (verified owner)

    i needed some persuading to pay the premium price for your product. However it lived up to your claims and was not only exceptionally tasty and moist but was easy to cook, a pleasure to carve and excellent value. Well done..

  464. Fuchsia Carpenter (verified owner)

    This is the best turkey I have ever had all my family were very impressed. I cooked it just as you recommended and it came out beautifully juicy and full of flavour. Thank you for providing such a wonderful turkey.

  465. Caireen (verified owner)

    This is the third year in a row that we’ve ordered a Barra Bronze turkey. They are always an outstanding bird that beats anything on offer anywhere else, and yet somehow this year’s turkey managed to be even better than ever! The meat was moist with an unbelievable depth of flavour, and the gravy it produced was out of this world! Well done once again!

  466. Paul Moody (verified owner)

    A beautifully presented Turkey complete with cooking instructions and pop up thermometer. Cooked brest side down as instructed for the first part of the cooking. Moist, full of flavour, and enjoyed by everyone. I’ll be back next year. Great to see some one really passionate about the food they produce.

  467. David Gerrie (verified owner)

    Our Barra Bronze was every bit as memorable as the Bresse capon we brought back from France last year. Two main ways to tell – 1) I never, ever eat turkey skin, but yours was just too delicious to resist, ‘specially since there were still some yummy globs of fat clinging on – and 2) I ate my thigh completely au naturel – no sauce, either bread or devil-berry, and no gravy – just the wonderfully moist meat, eaten as one would a well-aged steak. Perfection – and Yes, I’ll be back next year.

  468. Hilary Size (verified owner)

    We have used Barra Bronze for a few years , the quality and taste won’t be beaten and we will be back next year.

  469. Mike Smith (verified owner)

    We had high expectations after reading all the reviews and we were not disappointed. Delivery was first class and the Turkey was excellent. Followed the cooking instructions provided and it was sooo…. tasty and moist. Highly recommended.

  470. Craig Thomson (verified owner)

    What an excellent turkey so juicy and flavoursome absolutely the best turkey I have ever eaten, I’ll certainly be back for one next year! Truly first class

  471. Lesley Lawrie

    Absolutely delicious. So gamey and tasty. Whatever you’re doing, don’t change anything

  472. Chris (verified owner)

    Everyone commented on how tasty an succulent the turkey was I bought from you. I spoke to everyone at the table about your farming methods and of course your Alpacas. It all added to the culinary experience. My sincere thanks to everybody involved at Barra Bronzes well done. I’ll be back

  473. alexander bruce (verified owner)

    After years of buying Heston’s turkey crown I decided to go back to a traditional turkey, I research the type of turkey I was looking for and boy I was delighted when I came across BARRA BRONZE it is truly the best turkey my family and I have tasted, it reminded me of my mum and dad cooking after picking up there turkey from the local village farm , a local fresh hung turkey.

    will definitely be purchasing again next year

  474. Donna (verified owner)

    Fantastic – so delicious and easy to cook. Definitely worth the price to make my life a little easier on Christmas Day! Great to support a local business too. Looking forward to more delicious meals and soups from the leftovers.

  475. Alan Williams (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey best ever. Well worth the premium price. We cooked ours on a big green egg barbecue. Delicious..

  476. Neil Chalmers (verified owner)

    Fantastic turkey, best we have had

  477. Roy Brown (verified owner)

    We have been using Barra Bronze for a while now and have never been disappointed. Absolutely beautiful

  478. Jen Campbell (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous. Lovely, juicy, tender and flavoursome.. I will be ordering again.

  479. suzeshipton (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever! We have had a Barra Bronzes 6+kg for the past 2 years and could not recommend them highly enough. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for helping to make Christmas special. We’ll be in touch in 2019!

  480. rod robinson (verified owner)

    thank you received turkey in really good condition /cooked it to the instructions to perfection ,i have never liked Turkey BUT this has changed my mind ,it was so tasty and juicy not dry as i think of it and they all loved it

  481. Amanda Henchliffe (verified owner)

    Truly delicious! We usually have our Turkey from Chatsworth House so this was our first Barras Turkey., Very moist full of flavour thank you The best turkey we have ever had.. We will be ordering again next year!

  482. ScotTex (verified owner)

    Great quality and flavour as you have always delivered. This year not only cooked mine as suggested but also brined 4 turkey legs for 24 hours then smoked them in my smoker low and slow for 4 hours. Best smoked turkey legs ever!

  483. Paul R (verified owner)

    Thanks for another delicious turkey. Simply the best tasting bird we’ve ever eaten.

  484. Nadia Douglas (verified owner)

    The turkey was amazing – succulent and deliciously tasty.

  485. Lesley (verified owner)

    Succulent delicious will have next year. All other turkeys are like a totally different bird, you have not tasted turkey till you have had a Barra bronze.. This is my 4 and not my last.

  486. Maeve McDowall (verified owner)

    Loved it! 5 gold stars! This was a real turkey with beautiful taste! And loads left for Boxing Day. We’ve had a Barra Bronze from the start, so was this the fourth or the fifth? No one can quite remember!
    PS: Argument rages once again this year – which end is the tip of the breastbone for the great little thermometer – this one? Or that one? Suggestion: a little diagrammatic on next year’s instruction leaflet?

  487. Helen

    Ordered a barra bronze for a 2nd year running and was so pleased that I did. These turkeys are absolutely delicious with an amazing flavour and incredibly juicy. These turkeys are definitely the best of the best!

  488. Sarah West (verified owner)

    This was our first time having a Barra Bronze. I’ve never really been a huge fan of turkey but today I found myself going for seconds! Getting a Barra Bronze is now definitely going to be a Christmas tradition and can’t rate them highly enough. DELICIOUS
    Roll on next year…..

  489. Tom Pender (verified owner)

    First year. Sounds gushy and improbable but this is the best turkey I have had in my 50 years of existence. We cooked as per instructions, was ready 10 mins early. You’re going to need a bigger farm.

  490. Irene

    Fantastic as usual.

  491. Alison Sharkey (verified owner)

    Undoubtedly the best turkey we have ever had. So easy to cook and absolutely delicious – thank you!

  492. Meirion Thomas (verified owner)

    2nd year we have had a Barra Turkey and again absolutely delicious and so easy to cook too

  493. Clair Williams (verified owner)

    Best turkey we ever had! Will be ordering next year

  494. Alex (verified owner)

    A great juicy tasty bird!!!

  495. Euan (verified owner)

    Fab Turk loved by all

  496. Susan Craone (verified owner)

    Very tasty moist turkey with wonderful texture meat. Probably best we have had. Did have a bit of a problem cooking it. The thermometer popped up after 90 minutes cooking and another thermometer said it was overcooked. We had a dilemma was it cooked or not. We took the risk and it was very ,very good.

  497. Heather Gallagher (verified owner)

    Think this is our 4th year purchasing this best tasting free range turkey from a excellent local farmer. Yet again the quality and taste is excellent. Beautifully presented in the box and very clear cooking instructions. Superb.

  498. Diane Edwards (verified owner)

    Delicious, easy to carve, gravy was so tasty and plenty left over for curry, sandwiches and a turkey pie. We have been buying aour turkey from you for 3 years and we will be back again next year!

  499. Iain Firth (verified owner)

    Superb, moist turkey, again. Wish we had found you a few years ago

  500. Lea (verified owner)

    First year we’ve had this turkey and it was absolutely delicious. Succulent and juicy and my guests said it’s the best they’ve ever had. Will be buying again next year.

  501. Helen Onslow (verified owner)

    This was my first Barra Bronze turkey and it was absolutely outstanding.
    Beautiful flavour, I cooked it exactly as you recommended and it was perfect!

  502. Rachel Roberts (verified owner)

    This is the best turkey I’ve ever had! You can’t go back to other turkeys once you’ve had a Barra Bronze turkey, Delivery also excellent,

  503. Claire Cormack (verified owner)

    We have one of our Christmas Dinners early and although maybe a struggle to get the huge bird in oven 🙂 it was delicious as usual. Ten out of ten!!

  504. Patricia Emslie (verified owner)

    This has been the fourth year we have had Barra turkey and we have never been disappointed. We will be ordering again for next year.

  505. Donna Reid (verified owner)

    Ordered for the 3rd year running and our turkey was superb as always. Delivered on time and in perfect condition. The flavour of the turkey and gravy it produces is the best I have ever tasted. Everyone at the table loved it. Thank you!

  506. Foodie Quine

    My whole family agreed that it was the best we’d ever eaten. So succulent and flavourful and so much meat in places I’ve never seen meat on a bird before. Absolute 5* Quality and super quick and easy to cook.

  507. Glenn Higgs

    Just a quick note to say that your Barra Bronze turkey was fantastic! It was rich in taste, tender and the best turkey they’ve ever tasted, according to our guests.

  508. Rosemary Wilson

    We cooked our Barra Bronze following your instructions and it was delicious, a lovely broad breasted bird, we were so pleased with it and we thought reasonably priced for the quality, thank you.

  509. Emma West

    Turkey was fabulous and everybody commented on the flavour, not dry at all, will most definitely be recommending to family and friends for future and looking forward to next years bird yum yum!

  510. Doreen Brown

    Really enjoyed our Barra Bronze – very juicy and succulent.

  511. Shona Sievewright

    The turkey we had was excellent, moist and tasty.

  512. Jane Hay

    Lovely turkey as last year so flavourful and moist – we usually cover our turkey in butter, bacon and then wrap it in a tin foil tent so when we read the instructions we decided to take a risk and follow them exactly I was so worried that it would dry out but it was absolutely perfect so succulent! I’ll place my order for this year now…..

  513. Dianne Smith

    Our Barra bronze turkey was lovely. Just as good as last year. Cooked following instructions provided and turned out perfect. Can you please put me down for the same again for next Christmas. Tempted with one of the other breeds but the Barra bronzes are so good that I think we will just go for another please.

  514. Angela Walker

    We were delighted with our Barra bronze turkey and we all agree it was the best turkey ever.

  515. Sinclair Lamb

    Fantastic turkey as usual

  516. Sam Hanton

    Our turkey was excellent, and including the probe thermometer thing was really useful. We will certainly be back later this year for a repeat order!

  517. Winnie Reid

    Just wanted you to know that we were delighted with our turkey. Everything turned out well following your instructions, our lunch was ready in a record time of 2 and a half hours, with no hassle and the meat was moist and tasty enjoyed by all.

  518. Christine Thomas

    Our Christmas turkey was truly delicious, we enjoyed every mouthful from Christmas dinner to the final turkey broth! Your presentation made preparing the bird so easy and it looked as good as it tasted when it emerged from the oven. Please don’t forget to mail me when it’s time to order for this year!

  519. Mia Buehr

    Just wanted to say that this year’s turkey was just about the best we’ve ever had – a really fantastic bird as regards both flavour and texture. We also much appreciated the enclosed cooking instructions, and the sprig of thyme was a nice touch!

  520. Andrew Lawson

    The Barra Bronze turkey was greatly enjoyed on Xmas day and brought back memories of what turkey used to taste like! As an all-round hit I’d recommend it to others as well

  521. Michelle Robertson

    Our turkey was fantastic! Even my mother in law said it was the best turkey she’s ever had, and that’s with 70 years eating experience! Will definitely be returning to you next time we host Christmas.

  522. Anne Wyness

    Good to know how passionate you are about your farming practises. The turkey that we had was expertly trussed and garnished, beautifully packaged with helpful cooking instructions emphasizing food safety and it was moist and delicious tasting. Our family thoroughly enjoyed it and will order again.

  523. Colin Ferrier

    Your bird was delicious Craig. As a professionally trained chef, I can say that the quality of your produce will be extremely hard to beat. You will have our repeat business this year

  524. James Chavez-Munoz (verified owner)

    We tried one of these beauties last year. We’ve previously tried Coppas, M&S, Waitrose and others but this is the most delicious turkey we’ve ever had. It really made Christmas lunch exceptional.

  525. Stephen Buchan

    We followed your instructions and the bird cooked perfectly. It had a lovely depth of flavour, everyone enjoyed it. It fed 20 on the day and we had enough left over for a dinner the next day. This is our second year using your birds and we would definitely be back.

  526. Rebecca Richmond

    Our turkey was utterly gorgeous!!! Best we have ever had!!

  527. Kirstin Gunn

    Everyone round the table was in agreement that it was the best turkey we have ever had. Not only was it juicy (we cooked it as per the cooking instructions) and carved beautifully, it tasted like turkey! The time, effort and care you put into raising these turkeys clearly shows in the final product, and we are just disappointed we can only get them for Christmas.

  528. Iona Ellington

    We really enjoyed our turkey from you. It was my first Christmas hosting and cooking myself, it was such a relief to have such a high quality bird that really needed no attention. – even the gravy was dead easy – the juices were super flavourful. Best gravy I have ever made/had!! – the skin was also like no other, Only can compare to the best duck skin I have ever had with the perfect layer of crispness and fatty underneath. My family who had pretty much turned their back on turkeys in favour of hams, lamb legs and beef now want one of yours for easter and thanksgiving and xmas!!

  529. Carol Marr

    We were delighted again with our 9.2kg turkey, absolutely delicious. The info sheet you provide is spot on and will be booking again next year, cheers.

  530. Alison King

    Have been meaning to send you an email since Christmas just to say that our turkey was the best. We followed the instructions, we let it rest for over an hour and everyone thought it was the tastiest turkey they’d had. Please put us down for another one for this year!

  531. Cyrenians

    Aberdeen Cyrenians would like to take this opportunity to thank Barra Bronzes for their very generous donation of free-range turkeys. David from Sodexo did them justice in the oven and we had fantastic feedback from our volunteers at their Thank You Christmas dinner.

    Louise Nind.

  532. Gadies Restaurant

    We just wanted to thank you for your turkeys this year, several of our staff had them for their Christmas lunches and they were undoubtedly the best Christmas turkey any of us had had yet!

  533. Formartines Restaurant

    Barra Bronzes are simply the best you will ever have.

    John Cooper, Head Chef and Partner.

  534. Meldrum House Hotel

    As always the turkey was full of flavour and beautifully presented.

    Walter, Head Chef.

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