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Our Turkeys

Our turkeys roam around the idyllic setting of our farm with views of Barra Hill to the East and Bennachie to the west.

The Breed


We have specially selected the Wirall, Hockenhull and Devonshire Bronze turkeys as these turkeys grow very slowly and instinctively enjoy foraging around for insects and vegetation to ensure a greater depth in flavour. We also rear a very rare Bourbon Red turkey which has a very rich and gamey flavour.

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How they live

Our turkeys forage around their orchard for apples, pears and insects.

They also enjoy grazing on brassicas and red clover and are fed on the quality cereals that are produced on our fertile farm. This allows them to develop a richer flavour with distinct nuances. A flavour that is truly sublime.

The sum of all this knowledge and creativity ensures that a Barra Bronze is something unique, something distinctive and something truly special

Barra Bronzes Turkey Farmer

Turkey arrival

Our turkeys arrive at our farm at one day old at the start of June. Turkeys have to remain indoors for the first few weeks under a heat source. After this period, our turkeys are then free to roam around outdoors at the beginning of July.

Only females

We only rear female turkeys as they are more flavoursome than a male turkey and grow more slowly. They are also juicier and produce a delightfully rich gravy.

The Barra Bronze process

Our turkeys are reared and processed on our farm

This ensures minimum stress to them and greatly improves the quality of the meat.

We take the extra effort to dry pluck each of our turkeys and then finish them by hand.

Gordon Ramsay explains that “most turkeys are wet plucked by a machine, its quicker but it takes off a top layer of the skin that holds in the flavour which gives the turkey a crispy finish when coked. Vital.” Dry plucking allows us to hang our turkeys in a cold store for two weeks which allows the meat to mature and develop more depth in flavour. Each Barra Bronze is wrapped in greaseproof paper, expertly trussed, and then individually boxed. The Barra Bronze also comes with cooking instructions, a pop-up thermometer and a sprig of herbs.


We grow oats

Especially for our turkeys as they are full of antioxidants and naturally ensure that our turkeys remain healthy. The inclusion of oats in their diet also gives the flesh a beautiful creamy coloured finish while enhancing the flavour.


Fully Matured

Perhaps, one of the most important characteristics in producing a flavoursome turkey is to ensure that it is processed when the meat has matured fully. We allow our turkeys to grow slowly, over a 26-27 week period to ensure optimum quality in terms of flavour and texture. This is almost three times as long as a standard turkey!

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