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One of the things that surprise people about Barra Bronzes turkey is how quick and easy they are to cook whilst achieving amazing results. Everything you need for the perfect Barra Bronzes turkey can be found at https://www.barrabronzes.co.uk/how-to-cook-free-range-turkey-by-barra-bronzes/

Yes, all our turkeys contain a pack of giblets which can be used for making stock for the gravy.

Your turkey comes in a pre-cooled box which will keep your turkey cool until Christmas Day. It is best kept in a cool place such as a garage or elsewhere without a heat source.

Alternatively, you can refrigerate the turkey at 0-3 degrees Celcius.

You should remove the turkey and allow it to rest at room temperature for 1 hour prior to cooking.

If eating the turkey after Christmas Day, we recommend you freeze it.

10kg and below will fit within a regular size oven however this assumes that the oven has regular usable cooking space within.


Your turkey will be delivered fresh to your door on December 21st in a cooled box via next-day delivery by FedEx

Prior to delivery, FedEx will send your tracking number to the contact number and/or email address provided when you placed your order. Tracking is available on their website here.

For all further delivery queries, please refer to the FedEx customer services page

Once your turkey is delivered, it is best to refrigerate it at around 0-3 degrees Celsius and then consume it on Christmas Day. If you want to eat it after that date, it is better to freeze it. 

Leave the turkey at room temperature for 1 hour before cooking.

Yes, we deliver throughout the mainland, highlands and islands within the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

The cost to deliver a fresh bronze turkey weighing several kilos carries a significant cost to us.  We offer a flat rate of £14.50 per turkey throughout the UK. If you are local to the northeast of Scotland, you can collect from our Farmgate on the 23rd or 24th December at no extra cost.

Yes, farmgate collection is on 23rd and 24th December.  Times can be found throughout this website and on each product page when selecting your order.  Here are directions to our farm.

Cooking & Recipes


We show you how simple it is to cook a Barra Bronzes turkey to get great results and give you some of our favourite recipes to create delicious dishes with your leftovers.

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