Barra Bronze Turkey Tasting With Craig, the turkey farmer.

Well, a few glasses of champagne later and the turkey is ready. The birds’ got just beautiful crispy skin. We hand pluck them to ensure that our skin is kept intact, which holds the juices in when you come to cook the bird and it almost gives you a beautiful turkey crackling. That’s probably one of my favourite parts of the turkey.

Well, anyway, it’s time to carve the bird and you know what, excuse me, I’m just going to get stuck in here!

That meat’s got this beautiful depth of flavour. The gravy, it’s got this sweet gamey undertone and I think all around, it’s got this beautiful umami edge to it. For me, you just can’t buy anything in shops like that anymore.

Thanks so much for joining me today. And I hope that we’ll see you at Christmas time.


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Craig Michie

Based at Lochend of Barra, Inverurie, Craig Michie left a job as a town planner in 2009 and travelled around South America where he met his Columbian wife Maria. The couple returned to Scotland and the century-old family farm to create Barra Bronzes which was named winner in the ‘Judge’s Choice category, runner-up for ‘Best New Retail Product (businesses with up to 25 employees),’ and was named as highly commended in the ‘Best Young Business’ category at the Grampian Food Forum Innovation Awards 2016. In 2021, Craig won the UK Poultry Farmer of the Year award.

1 thought on “Barra Bronze Turkey Tasting With Craig, the turkey farmer.”

  1. This is the 3rd year I have had a Barra bronze turkey and is was amazing as usual. The skin was crispy the meat very tasty and the Gravy was so tasty.
    I will be back again next year for another one .
    Can’t beat your local turkeys

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