Who are the best Free Range Turkey producers in the UK?

In the UK there are many high-quality turkey producers.

We tend to sell out of turkeys in the early part of December and this can result in disappointment for our customers. Therefore, we always like to suggest other great suppliers to ensure that our customers can enjoy a top-quality turkey at Christmas.

An integral part of our business is honesty and transparency.  We really respect other turkey producers in the country, and we wanted you to know who is out there.  Over the years our fellow artesian turkey farmers have been kind enough to show us around their operations.  Therefore, we would like to provide you with an insight into where you can purchase a top-quality turkey for Christmas:

Kelly Bronzes

Kelly Bronzes are based near Danbury in Essex.  They are excellent turkey producers who supply day-old turkeys around the country. They have set up a Kelly Bronze farm in the US so that Americans can enjoy their wonderful turkeys for Thanksgiving. Kelly Bronzes sell a wide range of sizes for whole turkeys.  They also sell a stuffed breast roast and Kelly Bronze turkey sausages.  They provide a delivery service nationwide.

Kelly Bronzes have won a number of Great Taste Awards over the years.

Copas Turkey

Copas Turkeys are based in Cookham, Berkshire. They have been producing bronze turkeys for the past 60 years and have magnificent processing facilities. They sell a popular whole stuffed turkey and sell several accompaniments to go with their turkeys.  In addition, they sell free-range goose and chicken.  Copas turkeys sell frozen turkeys for Easter and Thanksgiving.

They also provide a delivery service nationwide.

Copas Turkeys have also won a number of Great Taste Awards over the years.

Galloway Turkeys

The largest artesian turkey producers in Northern Ireland.  They are based just 20 miles out of Belfast.  Galloway Turkeys sell Norfolk Black turkeys, bronze turkeys and free-range white turkeys.  They also sell traditionally reared geese and ducks. 

They offer turkey fillets to appeal to people who are having a smaller gathering for Christmas but still want to enjoy a traditional farm reared turkey.

Galloway turkeys are the only artesian turkey producer in the UK to offer fresh turkeys for Easter. 

Adlington Turkeys

Adlington turkeys are based at Pheasant Oak Farm in Warwickshire. They offer a wide selection of products including whole turkey, boneless stuffed turkey.  They are the only producer in the UK that offers a 3 bird roast which includes turkey, duck and pheasant!  Adlington Turkeys also produce an apple fed cockerel and an Anglais Chicken throughout the year.

Barra Bronzes

This list wouldn’t be complete without a plug for our very own award-winning bronze turkeys! Produced in the heart of Aberdeenshire, our turkeys have won the ‘Great Taste’ award 6 years in a row (2016-2021) and received an ‘Oustanding’ rating from the judges.  We produce a range of whole turkey sizes and crowns which are sold for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We deliver throughout the UK.

Why are these producers recommended?

The turkey farmers mentioned above, produce their turkeys to an extremely high standard.  Each turkey is grown for around 26 weeks which is around three times the maturity of a standard turkey.  This ensures the turkey has much more flavour than a standard turkey as it is fully matured.  These producers process their birds on their farms to ensure minimum stress to the turkey.  This enhances the quality of the meat.  Each turkey is dry plucked and finished by hand.  This ensures that the outer skin is kept intact which helps hold in the juices when cooked and results in crispy skin.  The turkeys are then game hung for around 2 weeks. This allows for the meat to mature and gives you a much richer gravy.

Each turkey producer mentioned above has created their own bespoke set of cooking instructions which will allow you to get the maximum flavour out of the turkeys that they produce. This is all food for thought when you are carefully considering where to purchase your turkey for Christmas.


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Craig Michie

Based at Lochend of Barra, Inverurie, Craig Michie left a job as a town planner in 2009 and travelled around South America where he met his Columbian wife Maria. The couple returned to Scotland and the century-old family farm to create Barra Bronzes which was named winner in the ‘Judge’s Choice category, runner-up for ‘Best New Retail Product (businesses with up to 25 employees),’ and was named as highly commended in the ‘Best Young Business’ category at the Grampian Food Forum Innovation Awards 2016. In 2021, Craig won the UK Poultry Farmer of the Year award.

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