Barra Bronzes christmas turkey cooktimes!

Did you know that our turkeys cook in half the time of a standard turkey? Due to the maturity of our turkeys, they have impressive marbling which ensures that our turkeys cook in lightning speed times. You do not have to add butter or bacon as our turkeys naturally baste themselves in the oven. When you cut through your Barra Bronze, you will cut through our crispy delightful crackling and into the meat. The meat will be seeping in delicious juices. There could not be a simpler masterpiece for the Xmas table.

4KG 1hr 55 mins
5KG 2hr 10 mins
6KG 2hr 25 mins
7KG 2hr 40 mins
8KG 2hr 55 mins
9KG 3hr 10 mins

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    we really like the idea of having a Barra bronze turkey crown this xmas but there are only 4 of us.What is the smallest size you do?we will need your famous cranberry sauce.rRr

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