Harvest 2018 at Barra Bronzes

Barra Bronzes Harvest

Harvest 2018 is well underway now. This is a crucial time of year for Barra Bronzes as we use the cereals we grow on our farm to feed to our turkeys. We also use the straw from our barley to bed down our turkeys.

I love harvest time. The colours of the countryside is beautiful. When, I’m sitting in the tractor I often end up thinking of exciting new ways we could cook our turkeys or the content of our next video.

The dry weather has really lowered the yield of our crops and there is definitely less straw this year too.

We literally harvest our grain from our fields and then tip it into our sheds. We then blend the cereals with some rapeseed oil and minerals and then feed it to our turkeys. How about that for reducing food miles ?

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