The ‘Ultimate’ Barra Bronze Burger

Barra Bronzes BBQ Sauce

I have spent a lot of time over the past year trying to develop the ‘ultimate’ Barra Bronze burger.  This has been really fun as I feel that a Barra Bronze can be enjoyed in a completely different context with these burgers.  I love being able to throw a Barra Bronze burger on the bbq in summer time and enjoy it with one of my favourite craft beers.

The burgers have been developed with the oyster meat of the bird, the breast and the leg meat.  To balance the flavours we have added a little paprika, salt, pepper and cayenne.  There is a beautiful richness and texture to the burger.  We have developed  3 sauces to accompany the burgers: Smokin Bird, Spicy Bird and BBQ Bronze.  These sauces beautifully round off the burger depending on which flavour you fancy.  A lot of time, care and attention went into creating the ultimate sauces to accompany the burgers.  We wanted a sauce that subtly rounded the flavour off rather than completely overpowering the burger.

The burgers are best enjoyed cooked over charcoal at a heat of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  (5 minutes each side)

My daughter was back in Colombia visiting family with my wife recently. She said just before they returned that the first thing she wanted to eat when she got home was ‘one of daddy’s Barra Bronze burgers!’ That really made my day.

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