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Treat yourself to a whole Barra Bronze turkey this Christmas. The most beautiful tasting turkey around.  Delicious golden crispy skin, meat that is seeping with juices which makes that delightfully rich gravy.

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Each turkey is trussed, wrapped in greaseproof paper and comes with a sprig of herbs, cooking instructions and a pop-up thermometer.  Each box is double insulated and contains a cooling pack to ensure your Premium Barra Bronze Turkey remains fresh for the big day!

Farmgate collection times: 23rd December 9am–5pm & 24th December 9am–1.30pm.
Home delivery option: Delivered fresh to your door on 22nd December.

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508 reviews for Bronze Christmas Turkey

  1. Diane Hill (verified owner)

    First time we’ve ordered one of these turkeys. Delivery to Devon, excellent, Turkey was beautifully prepared – popped into oven, as instructed, no foil etc ad it cooked beautifully in just over 3 hours (9+kg). The turkey has been a joy to eat – finally finished it off with some soup from the bones – today 5 Jan. Will definitely buy again: Why? Great flavour, wonderfully moist, so easy to cook and delivered to the door. Thanks for the trouble you take – it is certainly worth it.

  2. Angela Ryalls (verified owner)

    First year with Barra Bronze and it will not be the last! Six discerning adults all agreed that it was succulent and with a very good flavour. Cooking instructions were excellent, although the leaflet differed in cooking times to the website. Wonderful recipe for Mediterranean turkey ragu using the left overs. Thank you for our “happy turkey” Christmas!

  3. Fiona webster (verified owner)

    This was our first year getting our turkey from Barra and we were not disappointed. Turkey was moist had great flavour, bone to meat ratio was tremendous and skin tasty and crisp. Only drawback was turkey arrived 3 days early but luckily someone was home. it would have been helpful if we would have been notified ahead of delivery and instructions that turkey could be left in the insulation box until christmas day. Apart from the initial hitch we will definitely be back for our turkey from Barra again next year. thank you.

  4. Marc Walden (verified owner)

    Got a 5kg bird. Beautiful flavour. Someone else said this but don’t stray from the cooking times as these birds cook quickly. 2hr 20 for a 5kg bird. Will definitely be buying from Barra Bronzes again

  5. Peter Stephen (verified owner)

    We’ve ordered these turkeys for several years now. They are fantastic, great flavour, lovely brown meat and gravy. Do not be tempted to stray from the recommended cooking times. & process Nothing goes to waste and everyone asks us where we got it when they taste it.

  6. Freddy Pullar (verified owner)

    This was our first year getting our turkey from Barra Bronze. What a delicious bird that was undoubtedly the best turkey we have had, the meat was succulent, tender and a very good flavour. The service and delivery were impeccable. We will definitely be getting our Turkey from here again. Thank you!

  7. ISABELLE GRANGER-COHET (verified owner)

    craig and his turkeys have definitely won yet another customer. Although I had no doubt it would be good, our whole family agreed it was the juiciest, tastiest turkey we’d had…ever! No mean feast in a foodie family. I was a little nervous following Craig’s cooking instructions but it worked beautifully, with the least fuss ever! We already look forward to our next Barra Bronze turkey for Xmas 2020! Thanks Craig and family, Happy New Year.

  8. James Fisher (verified owner)

    Our turkey arrived perfectly on time and did the family table proud this Christmas. Many thanks to the Barra Bronze team!

  9. Rona (verified owner)

    Beautiful turkey, pick up was quick and friendly and the reviews were brilliant from the family on the day! Thanks everyone!

  10. Sam (verified owner)

    Turkey was delicious! The pop up thermometer and cooking instructions made life easy on Christmas day.
    Definitely be back next year, thanks all at Barra Bronzes!

  11. Maurelle west (verified owner)

    Highly recommended! Yet another outstanding turkey from Barr’s bronze. You really Taste the difference with a barra bronze. It came clean and well prepared and their cranberry sauce was delicious too. Will definitely be back again next year.

  12. John Gibson (verified owner)

    Cooked a dream,moist breast, well flavoured dark meat.Arrived two days early created some storage problems.

  13. Liz Penny (verified owner)

    This was the first time we had ordered a turkey from Barra Bronze. We were very impressed with the delivery and the delicious turkey itself. Cooking instructions were also very accurate. Would highly recommend.

  14. Fiona Wright (verified owner)

    The best turkey ever. Just as good as the last one I bought from Craig at Barra and I really appreciate the cooking instructions.

  15. kenneth wyatt (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever.

  16. Alison Duff (verified owner)

    This was the first time we have purchased a Bara Bronze and it won’t be our last. This was the most succulent bird we have ever had. The whole family (11 of us) even the skeptics who usually don’t really like turkey enjoyed it.

  17. Fiona Laidlaw (verified owner)

    First time with a 6.3kg Barra Bronze and it was absolutely gorgeous. We cooked it (as usual) in the Weber BBQ and it was beautiful. It was full of flavour and really juicy. Delivered on the day promised in great condition too. We’ll definitely pick one next year.

  18. David Simpson (verified owner)

    Beautiful taste. Well worth the price. Will be ordering again next year.
    Nicely packaged and delivery worked as planned.
    Only negative was that it Needed a bit of extra plucking before going in the oven.

  19. Ginnie Cates (verified owner)

    Third year we’ve had a Barra Bronze and we have always been delighted. Cooking it upside down works perfectly. Great flavour.

  20. David Beagle (verified owner)

    Our first time with a Barra turkey, after years of Kelly Bronzes. After the nervous wait (would Xmas have to be cancelled?) it arrived exactly as promised. The bird was very flavoursome, cooked easily and was – I think – even better that a Kelly. Which is praise indeed. I’m now intrigues to find out how one obtains one of the Red turkeys mentioned on the website.
    I am a convert – will order the same next year. And you don’t have to lug the thing back from the butchers!

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