Bronze Christmas Turkey

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Treat yourself to a whole Barra Bronze turkey this Christmas. The most beautiful tasting turkey around.  Delicious golden crispy skin, meat that is seeping with juices which makes that delightfully rich gravy.

**Now Farmgate Collection Only** 23rd December: 7.30am–5.30pm or 24th December: 7.30am–1.30pm

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Each turkey is trussed, wrapped in greaseproof paper and comes with a sprig of herbs, cooking instructions and a pop-up thermometer.  Each box is double insulated and contains a cooling pack to ensure your Premium Barra Bronze Turkey remains fresh for the big day!

Farmgate collection times: 23rd December 7.30am–5.30pm & 24th December 7.30am–1.30pm.
Home delivery option: Delivered fresh to your door on 21st December.

Total weight includes giblets.

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571 reviews for Bronze Christmas Turkey

  1. Alan Williams (verified owner)

    Excellent turkey best ever. Well worth the premium price. We cooked ours on a big green egg barbecue. Delicious..

  2. Neil Chalmers (verified owner)

    Fantastic turkey, best we have had

  3. Roy Brown (verified owner)

    We have been using Barra Bronze for a while now and have never been disappointed. Absolutely beautiful

  4. Jen Campbell (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous. Lovely, juicy, tender and flavoursome.. I will be ordering again.

  5. suzeshipton (verified owner)

    Best turkey ever! We have had a Barra Bronzes 6+kg for the past 2 years and could not recommend them highly enough. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for helping to make Christmas special. We’ll be in touch in 2019!

  6. rod robinson (verified owner)

    thank you received turkey in really good condition /cooked it to the instructions to perfection ,i have never liked Turkey BUT this has changed my mind ,it was so tasty and juicy not dry as i think of it and they all loved it

  7. Amanda Henchliffe (verified owner)

    Truly delicious! We usually have our Turkey from Chatsworth House so this was our first Barras Turkey., Very moist full of flavour thank you The best turkey we have ever had.. We will be ordering again next year!

  8. ScotTex (verified owner)

    Great quality and flavour as you have always delivered. This year not only cooked mine as suggested but also brined 4 turkey legs for 24 hours then smoked them in my smoker low and slow for 4 hours. Best smoked turkey legs ever!

  9. Paul R (verified owner)

    Thanks for another delicious turkey. Simply the best tasting bird we’ve ever eaten.

  10. Nadia Douglas (verified owner)

    The turkey was amazing – succulent and deliciously tasty.

  11. Lesley (verified owner)

    Succulent delicious will have next year. All other turkeys are like a totally different bird, you have not tasted turkey till you have had a Barra bronze.. This is my 4 and not my last.

  12. Maeve McDowall (verified owner)

    Loved it! 5 gold stars! This was a real turkey with beautiful taste! And loads left for Boxing Day. We’ve had a Barra Bronze from the start, so was this the fourth or the fifth? No one can quite remember!
    PS: Argument rages once again this year – which end is the tip of the breastbone for the great little thermometer – this one? Or that one? Suggestion: a little diagrammatic on next year’s instruction leaflet?

  13. Helen

    Ordered a barra bronze for a 2nd year running and was so pleased that I did. These turkeys are absolutely delicious with an amazing flavour and incredibly juicy. These turkeys are definitely the best of the best!

  14. Sarah West (verified owner)

    This was our first time having a Barra Bronze. I’ve never really been a huge fan of turkey but today I found myself going for seconds! Getting a Barra Bronze is now definitely going to be a Christmas tradition and can’t rate them highly enough. DELICIOUS
    Roll on next year…..

  15. Tom Pender (verified owner)

    First year. Sounds gushy and improbable but this is the best turkey I have had in my 50 years of existence. We cooked as per instructions, was ready 10 mins early. You’re going to need a bigger farm.

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