Bronze Christmas Turkey

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Treat yourself to a whole Barra Bronze turkey this Christmas. The most beautiful tasting turkey around.  Delicious golden crispy skin, meat that is seeping with juices which makes that delightfully rich gravy.

**Now Farmgate Collection Only** 23rd December: 7.30am–5.30pm or 24th December: 7.30am–1.30pm

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Each turkey is trussed, wrapped in greaseproof paper and comes with a sprig of herbs, cooking instructions and a pop-up thermometer.  Each box is double insulated and contains a cooling pack to ensure your Premium Barra Bronze Turkey remains fresh for the big day!

Farmgate collection times: 23rd December 7.30am–5.30pm & 24th December 7.30am–1.30pm.
Home delivery option: Delivered fresh to your door on 21st December.

Total weight includes giblets.

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571 reviews for Bronze Christmas Turkey

  1. Avril Pintus (verified owner)

    As always an excellent Turkey, succulent, moist and flavoursome, packed in a sturdy box making transportation so easy. Wouldn’t consider any orther turkey. Superb.

  2. Mandy Venters (verified owner)

    Wonderful turkey, great flavour, crisp skin but moist, flavourful meat. Fantastic gravy made exactly as per instructions. Definitely one to recommend! Packaging and delivery spot on too ….

  3. John Owens

    Superb! Simple preparation and cooking instructions resulted in a moist, tender and extremely tasty turkey. Congratulations on a great product.

  4. Mark (verified owner)

    i needed some persuading to pay the premium price for your product. However it lived up to your claims and was not only exceptionally tasty and moist but was easy to cook, a pleasure to carve and excellent value. Well done..

  5. Fuchsia Carpenter (verified owner)

    This is the best turkey I have ever had all my family were very impressed. I cooked it just as you recommended and it came out beautifully juicy and full of flavour. Thank you for providing such a wonderful turkey.

  6. Caireen (verified owner)

    This is the third year in a row that we’ve ordered a Barra Bronze turkey. They are always an outstanding bird that beats anything on offer anywhere else, and yet somehow this year’s turkey managed to be even better than ever! The meat was moist with an unbelievable depth of flavour, and the gravy it produced was out of this world! Well done once again!

  7. Paul Moody (verified owner)

    A beautifully presented Turkey complete with cooking instructions and pop up thermometer. Cooked brest side down as instructed for the first part of the cooking. Moist, full of flavour, and enjoyed by everyone. I’ll be back next year. Great to see some one really passionate about the food they produce.

  8. David Gerrie (verified owner)

    Our Barra Bronze was every bit as memorable as the Bresse capon we brought back from France last year. Two main ways to tell – 1) I never, ever eat turkey skin, but yours was just too delicious to resist, ‘specially since there were still some yummy globs of fat clinging on – and 2) I ate my thigh completely au naturel – no sauce, either bread or devil-berry, and no gravy – just the wonderfully moist meat, eaten as one would a well-aged steak. Perfection – and Yes, I’ll be back next year.

  9. Hilary Size (verified owner)

    We have used Barra Bronze for a few years , the quality and taste won’t be beaten and we will be back next year.

  10. Mike Smith (verified owner)

    We had high expectations after reading all the reviews and we were not disappointed. Delivery was first class and the Turkey was excellent. Followed the cooking instructions provided and it was sooo…. tasty and moist. Highly recommended.

  11. Craig Thomson (verified owner)

    What an excellent turkey so juicy and flavoursome absolutely the best turkey I have ever eaten, I’ll certainly be back for one next year! Truly first class

  12. Lesley Lawrie

    Absolutely delicious. So gamey and tasty. Whatever you’re doing, don’t change anything

  13. Chris (verified owner)

    Everyone commented on how tasty an succulent the turkey was I bought from you. I spoke to everyone at the table about your farming methods and of course your Alpacas. It all added to the culinary experience. My sincere thanks to everybody involved at Barra Bronzes well done. I’ll be back

  14. alexander bruce (verified owner)

    After years of buying Heston’s turkey crown I decided to go back to a traditional turkey, I research the type of turkey I was looking for and boy I was delighted when I came across BARRA BRONZE it is truly the best turkey my family and I have tasted, it reminded me of my mum and dad cooking after picking up there turkey from the local village farm , a local fresh hung turkey.

    will definitely be purchasing again next year

  15. Donna (verified owner)

    Fantastic – so delicious and easy to cook. Definitely worth the price to make my life a little easier on Christmas Day! Great to support a local business too. Looking forward to more delicious meals and soups from the leftovers.

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