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2020 Barra Bronze Turkey Tasting With Craig

It's time to carve the bird and you know what, excuse me, I'm just going to get stuck in here!

Number One Turkey in the UK!

Since starting Barra Bronzes this is probably our proudest moment yet. We have been selected as the best Christmas Turkey in the UK by the Independent.

Barra Bronzes christmas turkey cooktimes!

Did you know that our turkeys cook in half the time of a standard turkey? Due to the maturity of our turkeys, they have impressive marbling which ensures that our turkeys cook in lightning speed times. You do not have to add butter or bacon as our turkeys naturally baste themselves in the oven. When …

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Rich Gravy with Barra Bronzes

I feel that the real mark of quality with a Barra Bronze is the delightfully rich gravy that they produce.   It really enriches the eating experience.  It complements the beautiful succulent meat perfectly.  It really is a mouthful of richness and a flavour that is totally unique.  It gives you that ‘something’ that is extra …

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Harvest 2018 at Barra Bronzes

Harvest 2018 is well underway now. This is a crucial time of year for Barra Bronzes as we use the cereals we grow on our farm to feed to our turkeys. We also use the straw from our barley to bed down our turkeys. I love harvest time. The colours of the countryside is beautiful. …

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Barra Bronzes awarded Great Taste Producer status

We are delighted to announce that we have one the most prestigious award in food and drink- ‘The Great Taste Award.’  This is the 3rd consecutive year we have won this and we are now officially recognised by the Guild of Fine Food as a ‘Great Taste Producer.’ The competition was tough and over 500 judges …

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Turkey Crackling and Plucking

Everybody talks of pork crackling but what about turkey crackling? I think this is one of my favourite parts of a roasted Barra Bronze. I think the crispy skin complements the rich gravy and meat beautifully. But how do we achieve this? Well, we take the extra effort to hand pluck each of our turkeys. …

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Turkey Farmers Summer Holidays

What do turkey farmers get up to in those summer months?  This is such a busy time of year for a turkey farmer.  Our turkeys are hatched in May and require so much care for the first six weeks of their lives.  A turkey will not survive in the ambient temperature in Scotland for the …

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The ‘Ultimate’ Barra Bronze Burger

I have spent a lot of time over the past year trying to develop the ‘ultimate’ Barra Bronze burger.  This has been really fun as I feel that a Barra Bronze can be enjoyed in a completely different context with these burgers.  I love being able to throw a Barra Bronze burger on the bbq …

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Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards

We are really excited to announce that we are into the finals of the Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards for the ‘Primary Producer of the Year’.  More food and drink businesses than ever have entered this year’s awards. Scotland Food and Drink outline that these awards recognise businesses and individuals in Scotland who are …

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